Interview Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings)

"I appreciate silence after working ten to twelve hours in the recording studio"

(March 2012, Text and pictures of Jonas Reingold by Henri Strik, edited by Peter Willemsen)

Just recently the news arrived that a new album by The Flower Kings will be released in 2012. Rumour has it that the band might have been split up, since the previous album The Sum Of No Evil was released five years ago. However, in 2011 the live CD/DVD Tour Kaputt (see review) appeared. Time to check out the current status of the band with their bass player Jonas Reingold.

Jonas would you tell me please where you're working on at the moment?

Jonas Reingold
Jonas Reingold: “Yeah, well we've got many things in the pipeline! I'm playing both on the new album of The Flower Kings and on the new album of Kaipa. On my own label Reingold Records, I'm going to release Powerplay, the second album of Hasse Fröberg Musical Companion. It will be released within a year after the appearance of their highly acclaimed debut Future Past (see review). The songs have been recorded with the same line-up consisting of Hasse Fröberg (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Anton Lindsjö (lead guitar, backing vocals), Kjell Haraldsson (keyboards, backing vocals), Thomsson (bass, backing vocals) and Ola Strandberg (drums, backing vocals). The sound engineer on the album is Tomas Bodin, the keyboard player of The Flower Kings. The album will be released in April, 2012. I'm also busy with the album Summary of Johan Randén, a new virtuoso kid guitarist from Sweden. That album will appear in May. Randén is very young, but his style is similar to Steve Morse (Deep Purple, ex-Kansas, ex- Dixie Dregs). He's just a great finger picker. In addition I'm going on tour with Karmakanic in April and May. We will be playing in The Netherlands at Concertpodium Boerderij in Zoetermeer the 27th of April. A new CD from our keyboard player Lalle Larsson will be coming up soon too!”

Can we soon expect a live album by Karmakanic?

“Well, we might record a few shows on the next tour with Morgan Agren on drums, so that will be great. Maybe we'll have a release on DVD and CD as well!”

I already heard the news about the new CD of The Flower Kings. What's the current status concerning the recordings?

“Almost all bass parts have been recorded; we are soon going to start with the mixing of the album.”

When will it be released?

“It's planned to be released in the middle of June.”

What can we expect related to any older album?

“Hmm, that's difficult to say. The 23-minute long opening track personally reminds me a bit of World Of Adventures. It contains a few cool riffs and some uplifting things like Merry Go Round from Stardust We Are. There's also a typical ending on this album a bit comparable to Garden Of Dreams or the Coming Home-section from Sum Of No Evil.”

Does this song have a title already?

“It only has a working title. At this moment we have neither song titles nor an album title. I think we decide these things later on.”

How did you find your new drummer?

“A friend of mine recommended him. Roine Stolt and I checked him out on YouTube. He's a real monster behind the kit and a great guy!”

Did he play the drums in Brighteye Brison?

“No, no, he didn't; he's from Berlin, Germany and his name is Felix Lehrmann.”

What happened to those two musicians who played the drums and the additional keyboards?

“They were only in the band for a year and for the tour we made. We were on our way to a break when they joined.”

The Flower Kings 2012

Are you going to promote the new album of The Flower Kings with a new tour in Europe?

“We're doing our first run at a gig at Sweden Rock Festival in June in front of 25,000 people. Yes, afterwards we'll tour in Europe as well, we are looking into several options right now, but we will certainly play in The Netherlands. It's the number one country as far as prog rock is concerned!”

Thanks! I read somewhere that the recordings meant for the CD/DVD Tour Kaputt got lost. Is this true? Were you satisfied with the results?

“No, they were never lost, and yes, I'm really happy with the results. It captured The Flower Kings in a true environment with almost zero overdubs. The only problem was my back aching badly.”

What was wrong with your back at the time?

“I had some serious problems with one of the vertebras.”

It seemed that was not the only problem, because I read that many things went wrong during that tour.

“Yeah, killing a moose was the highlight, ha, ha, ha! And the driver screamed: 'tour kaputt!' Just after starting the tour we hit a moose about one hour later, so we owe him some royalties now.”

Were you all awake at that moment?

“Some were; others were sleeping.”

You also had some visa problems with fellow-musician Pat Mastelotto.

“Yeah, that's right. Pat is an American and he was our drummer at the time. When we were going to England they didn't want him to enter the country.”

And an English friend helped you out?

“No, but my big biceps and my angry face helped a lot, ha, ha!”


Would you please tell me a bit more about the new Kaipa album? What is the title?

“Unfortunately I don't know the definite title yet, but the working title is in Swedish Vittjar.”

What does it mean in English?

“Emptying the net after a fishing session.”

Thanks, and who will be playing on the new album?

“The same old bastards, ha, ha! Patrik Lundström on vocals, Hans Lundin on keyboards and vocals, Morgan Ågren on drums, Per Nilsson on electric and acoustic guitars, me on bass guitars, and last but not least Aleena Gibson on vocals.”

You were used to produce rather heavy bands in the past, but you currently don't. Why not?

“Well, I got really tired of doing them. I'm focusing on my bands now and on Reingold Records.”

How are the label and the recording studio doing at the moment? Can you make a living from these activities?

“Yes, and that's the only thing I do at the moment!”

Can you tell me the reason why you no longer work with The Tangent?

“Well, I got sacked.”


“Yes, that really happened.”

Do you still have any contact with Andy Tillison?

“I talked to him on the phone lately. So it's cool, but we'll probably never do anything together in the future.”

If Neal Morse or Mike Portnoy should ask you to join Transatlantic instead of Roine Stolt. What would you do?

“On guitar?”

No, no, of course not. I mean on the bass instead of Pete Trewavas.

“Yeah, that would have been great! I love Transatlantic a lot.”

Jonas Reingold

Have you ever been invited by a musician to start a super prog band and I don't mean The Tangent.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

Is that a no for an answer?

“Not by a major name like Mike Portnoy, Jon Anderson or any other big names, but minor names of course.”

With whom would you like to record an album if you could choose?

“I don't know, there are many great players out there.”

That's true, but do you mind working with Jon Anderson?

“No, of course not.”

To what kind of music do you listen when you're at home?

“Right now nothing at all. I only have time to listen to our own stuff in the recording studio. I'm sick and tired of listening to myself after spending ten to twelve hours with music. I just appreciate silence, then!”

Thanks for answering my questions Jonas!

“You're welcome!”

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