The Absolute Universe Tour

July 25, 2022 - 013, Tilburg (NL)

If you are - I hope - a regular visitor to this website, then you know that yours truly is a Transatlantic fan (maybe addict...) 100% pure! The Absolute Universe (2021, see review) was my favourite prog rock album of the last year as it was a prog fan's wet dream without a shadow of a doubt.

Transatlantic on stage
So, I was really looking forward to this gig in good 'old' Tilburg and what a blast it was indeed! Pete Trewavas (bass guitar and vocals, also Marillion), Roine Stolt (guitar and vocals, also The Flower Kings), Neal Morse (keys and vocals, The Neal Morse Band and ex-Spocks Beard) and last but not least Mike Portnoy (drums and vocals and ex-Dream Theater and The Neal Morse Band) kicked off with the amazing Overture from their last album and right after the first two minutes I was blown away and the tone was set for a perfect prog rock evening! Follow ups Reaching For The Sky, Higher Than The Morning (beautifully sung, giving me shivers...) and The Darkness In The Light sounded immaculate and 'proved', once again, that Transatlantic is the best prog rock band on this planet. The entire Absolute Universe album was played before the intermission (10 minutes to catch my breath...) and then Transatlantic came up with songs from their previous albums The Whirlwind, SMPT:e and Bridge Across Forever of which the WW Overture, Evermore, We All Need Some Light (with acoustic intro and guest Ted Leonard), Duel With The Devil and Stranger In Your Soul were the formidable highlights!
Roine Stolt:
guitar and vocals
Neal Morse:
keys and vocals
Mike Portnoy:
drums and vocals
Pete Trewavas:
bass guitar and vocals
Guest: Ted Leonard: keys, guitar and vocals (no picture)

Need I say more, no, if you missed this spectacular gig then you really missed the best prog rock gig of the year 2022 indeed!! The show lasted 3 hours but in fact for me it was over in a jiffy, sad but true; but the good news is that there will be a live CD and DVD from this performance, so I cannot wait really...

Martien Koolen (text & pictures) (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)


The Absolute Universe:
Overture: The Absolute Universe
Reaching For The Sky
Higher Than The Morning
The Darkness In The Light
Take Now My Soul
Rainbow Sky
Looking For The Light
The World We Used to Know
The Sun Comes Up Today
Love Made A Way (prelude)
Owl Howl
Lonesome Rebel
Can You Feel It
Looking For The Light (Reprise)
The Greatest Story Never Ends
Love Made A Way
The Whirlwind Medley:
(Whirlwind Overture)
Rose Colored Glasses
Is It Really Happening?
Dancing With Eternal Glory
("Whirlwind Reprise" only)

SMPT / Bridge Across Forever:
We All Need Some Light
(with Ted Leonard) (With acoustic intro)
Duel With The Devil
My New World
All Of The Above
Stranger In Your Soul

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