Anima Mundi

September 6, 2019 - Parkvilla Theater, Alphen a/d Rijn (NL)

It has become more or less a real tradition that our Cuban friends of Anima Mundi visit Europe every year to do some concerts. Just like it has become more or less a real tradition that they perform for Serious Music Events at the Parkvilla Theater in Alphen aan de Rijn in the Netherlands. This year the date was September 6th. During last year's concert (see review) the focus was on their, at the time, brand new album Insomnia (see review). For this new tour they had planned to release an EP titled Strange Days. But they did not manage to record and release everything in time. So they went to Europe without a CD release. However they still named this tour the Strange Days Tour. Because it would premier five brand new songs which the band are working on for the next production of the 3rd part of the trilogy which started out with I Me Myself (2016, see review) and the earlier mentioned Insomnia.

Aivis Prieto (►more pics)
The new songs Fear Level 10, Love, 1001 Mirrows City, Last Days Of God and Strange Days could be enjoyed during a two sets long atmospheric performance. They were accompanied by professional video projections screened behind the band. The new compositions very much indicated that the band have moved away from the symphonic sound they displayed on albums such as Jagannath Orbit (2008, see review), The Way (2010, see review) and The Lamplighter (2013, see review). But still they can be seen as a true progressive rock band, but this time around more influences taken from other musical styles can be enjoyed. Styles such as jazz and fusion. The musicians showed with the new pieces of music that they continue to broaden their musical horizons where they left off after releasing I Me Myself and Insomnia. Of course the songs have to be heard more often to fully enjoy them. Just as I had to listen more often to the songs that appeared on their latest effort. Songs which were almost all done during the two and a half hour long concert. Only The Hunter was left out. Also from its predecessor three tracks were performed in a live version. I have to confess
Roberto Díaz (►more pics)
I always do like to hear songs such as Train To Future, Flowers and the first encore Lone Rider. For me personally and I guess some fans from the early days, we missed some audience favourites taken from the earlier mentioned more symphonic sounding albums. Only Cosmic Man could be enjoyed during the final encore. So no Time To Understand, which used to be on the set all the time. Or the epic Spring Knocks On The Door Of Men, which could also not be enjoyed also the classic piece Flying To The Sun. Even the usual instrumental jam piece Rhythm Of The Spheres was left out, also sing-a-long encore Sanctuary.

But even without all the audience favourites, the crowd could look back on a well performed live show of the five musicians. The sound and light on stage was perfect. The accompanying videos were enjoyable. Maybe a little bit dark in atmosphere, but I guess it worked perfectly with the sometimes also dark sounding songs the band plays nowadays. All in all a good concert which gave me a good feeling. A feeling which I like to have next year as well. So same time and place next year please!!!

Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

Live video

Henri & Roel Strik

Will be published later

Setlist Anima Mundi:

Set 1
The Wheel Of Days
The Chimney, The Wheel And The War Part Three & Part Four
Electric Dreams
Train To Future
Set 2
Her Song
Fear Level 10
1001 Mirrows City
Nine Swans-Electric Credo
Last Days Of God
Strange Days
New Tribe's Totem
Lone Rider
Cosmic Man

Pictures Anima Mundi by Arthur Haggenburg

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Line up Anima Mundi:

(left to right)
Roberto Díaz:
guitars and backing vocals
Virginia Peraza:
keyboards and backing vocals
Aivis Prieto:
lead vocals and guitars
Yaroski Corredera:
bass guitar
Marco Alonso:
drums and saxophone

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