Unreal City & Kalisantrope

September 10, 2017 - 't Blok, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel (NL)

After doing two successful concerts in the Netherlands, the Italian progressive rock band Unreal City decided to do the release party of their 3rd album at the same venue they visited before. So once again the band from Parma could look forward to the fantastic audience at 't Blok in Nieuwerkerk aan de Ijssel and meet the incredible crew of the amazing ProgFrog team. But before they could present their new release Kalisantrope also from Italy could do a warm up show for them!


Noemi Bolis
Kalisantrope is an instrumental trio from Milan. They write on their website that inspiration comes from 70s prog rock, modern neo prog and free jazz. December 2014 they came with their debut Anatomy Of The World. This EP was followed by Brinicle, their first full length album. Because this album was released March this year, they decided to concentrate their performance completely on their new work. Therefore none of tracks which you can find on their debut could be heard. Strangely enough the band played all of the songs from Brinicle in the same order as you can find on the album. Female bassist Noemi Bolis often introducing them with a short story. Telling us the band was inspired to write Cordyceps after visiting a concert of the Ozric Tentacles. During the intro of Morgendämmerung the sound of Tibetan monks was used to get into the right atmosphere. Keyboard player Davide Freguglia is obviously the most important musician in the band. However I would have expected a little more adventurous music from him. The rhythm section consisting of drummer Alex Carsetti and the earlier mentioned Bolis gave him enough room to shine all the way. Hopefully the songs on their next release will be less jazz orientated and a bit more towards a style I really could describe as influenced by70s prog rock and modern neo prog. Because that's what I hardly heard during their performance!

Unreal City

Francesca Zanetta (L) and Ema
A band such as Unreal City also uses some jazz influences in their compositions. But their main inspiration comes from 70s prog rock and modern neo prog. And that's just how I like it! With the addition of an extra female singer the band was right from the start ready to give their fans for what they came for. Rock Progressivo Italiano all the way! It was obvious that songs of their brand new album Frammenti Notturni (see review) were on the setlist. But probably none of the spectators would have expected that every track would have been played, which they did. Playing only two tracks from their debut La Crudeltà Di Aprile (2013, see review). Dove La Luce É Più Intense was done during the regular set and Dell'Innocenza Perduta was one of the two encores. From their second album Il Paese Del Tramonto (2015, see review) even less songs were done. Just one piece of music could be enjoyed. Namely Meccanica Dell'Ombra. For those who hadn't heard the new album before, those older tunes were probably a celebration of recognition and a feast for their ears. Those who saw the bands last concert in the Netherlands in 2016 (see review) also might have recognized Le Luci Delle Case (Spente).

With a completely new setlist and the focus on the new album it was for most people a kind of surprise party. A surprise party with the usual snacks presented by the hosts. Having my copy of the new album already a couple of days in my CD collection the new tracks came for myself not as a real surprise and therefore enjoyed them all
Camilla Pozzi
the way. And also by the rest of the audience in front of the band. They didn´t care the main dish consisted of ingredients they never had tasted before. The Italian progressive rock served was swallowed all the way as if they had eaten it already before. Having already created a sound of their own, made the new material sound very familiar. With the keyboards and lead vocals of Emanuele Tarasconi (aka Ema) in front of the music the band has created through the years a very recognizable sound. The guitar sound of Francesca Zanetta makes sure the music is not dominated by keyboards only. More and more the bass sound of Dario Pessina gets a leading role as well. His bass parts sound rather dominant throughout the entire concert. Marco Garbin is more than the guy behind the drum kit, during the opening of the last song performed, Arrivi All'Aurora, which is also the last song on the new album, he handled the acoustic guitar very well. Not so strange if you do know he has studied this instruments for several years. With the addition of vocalist Camilla Pozzi the band has become even more complete. After meeting Ema at the same music school he teaches they had become friends. And the rest is as they say history. Although she was rather nervous she managed very well during the time she was on stage.

A special mentioning goes out to the way the band chose to do a real nice cover of a song which was released when none of the band members were even born. The particular cover Ziggy Stardust is a song written and recorded by David Bowie for his 1972 concept album The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders from Mars. An album which certainly had some progressive rock influences. But that wasn't probably the reason they did it. They just wanted to do something which was more rock oriented and having Tarasconi on stage as a lead singer only. Well the crowd loved it all the way. And with a final encore to follow with the earlier mentioned Dell'Innocenza Perduta, the venue was for the third time in a row on fire with this great Italian band on stage!

I guess nobody could have asked for more and is already waiting for their next appearance at one of the coziest venues in the Netherlands. It always feels like coming home, as one of the Belgium fans of the Progfrog team stated on Facebook! I fully agree with that!

Text:Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

Setlist Kalisantrope:

Dawn On Hiroshima Skies
Placebo Effect
Canis Majoris
Seeking Harmony

Pictures Kalisantrope by Ron Kraaijkamp

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Line up Kalisantrope:

(left to right)
Davide Freguglia:
Noemi Bolis:
bass guitar:

Alex Carsetti:


Setlist Unreal City:

La Grande Festa In Maschera
Meccanica Dell'Ombra
Dove La Luce É Più Intense
Il Nido Delle Succubi
Le Luci Delle Case (Spente)
Arrivi All'Aurora
Ziggy Stardust
Dell'Innocenza Perduta

Pictures Unreal City by Ron Kraaijkamp

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Line up Unreal City:

(left to right)
Dario Pessina:
bass and backing vocals
Francesca Zanetta:
electric guitar and Mellotron
Marco Garbin:
drums and backing vocals
Emanuele Tarasconi (Ema):
main keyboards and lead vocals
Camilla Pozzi:
lead and backing vocals

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