Uriah Heep

July 11, 2017 - Victorie, Alkmaar (NL)


Although the current line-up only features guitarist Mick Box as an original member, Uriah Heep still manages to create their exciting seventies sound. Because lead singer Bernie Shaw and keyboard player Phil Lanzon have played the Uriah Heep songs for 30 years. And because the latest additions, drummer
Mick Box and Bernie Shaw (r)
Russel Gilbrook (who replaced Lee Kerslake in 2007) and bass player Dave Rimmer (successor of the legendary Trevor Bolder, who passed away in 2013), are more than capable musicians.

This evening we could enjoy Uriah Heep in the new, very crowded venue Victorie, with the focus on the 'Classic Heep Era', from the propulsive opener Gypsy (strong new arrangement) to the catchy final encore Easy Livin' (the 'stage favorite'), "wow", what an inspired band! And what grateful fans, they were blown away by excellent renditions of Look At Yourself, Sunrise (goose bumps, it evoked the unsurpassed Live 73 heavy prog sound), Magician's Birthday, the epic and compelling July Morning (one of the highlights), Bird Of Prey (a pleasant surprise) and the melancholic Lady In Black (Mick on the acoustic guitar and Bernie was the conductor of the 'community singing'). A very special moment was when Mick did his long and wah-wah drenched guitar solo, embellished with psychedelic looking purple light, magical!
To be honest, I prefer the more elaborate and progressive Classic Heep Era compositions, rather than the harder-edged and more straightforward melodic rock of the later years. But this evening the excellent frontman Bernie Shaw and Mick Box, with his powerful guitar work, gave newer tracks like The Law, Can't Take That Away and One Minute (all from their latest album Outsider from 2014) live an extra dimension. During the concert Bernie told us that later this year Uriah Heep will go into the studio in order to make a new album, this news was received with cheers and clapping.

So the Uriah Heep story will continue and, like Rush, the fans are treated with a great blend of old and new songs, everybody happy! Thanks Uriah Heep, it was an awesome gig, you know how to please and respect your fans!

Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

Setlist Uriah Heep :

Look At Yourself
Shadow Of Grief
The Law
Magicianís Birthday
Canít Take That Away
One Minute
Between Two Worlds
July Morning
Lady In Black
Bird Of Prey
Easy Liviní

Pictures Uriah Heep by Erik Neuteboom

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Line up Uriah Heep :

(left to right)
Mick Box:
guitar and vocals
Russel Gilbrook:
drums and percussion
Bernie Shaw:
lead vocals
Phil Lanzon:
Dave Rimmer:
bass and vocals

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