Progfrog: The Aurora Project

April 13, 2013 - 't Blok, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel (NL)

Dennis Binnekade
It was a long time ago since I saw The Aurora Project (TAP). Their last album Shadow Border dates from 2009 and since then they didn't play in the Netherlands anymore. I was glad to finally see them live again in my beloved little venue 't Blok, where kids are very welcomed and where they serve delicious snacks; an intimate and friendly place.

I follow TAP since the very beginning and in my humble opinion they belong to the top of the Dutch progressive rock bands. This afternoon they kicked off with Event Horizon from their debut album Unspoken Words (2005), which is a great opener. The mood was set. Dennis Binnekade is a very charismatic singer. His voice really appeals to me, but there's also something in his eyes or in the passionate way he performs the songs. When I first saw the band, he wore make-up and he reminded me of the young Fish (Marillion). Nowadays, he doesn't wear make-up but no loss there, because it's the music where we come for.

The Aurora Project
After the first song TAP played the whole new album Selling The Agression. I must disappoint you, since I can't tell you much about that album. I never heard these songs before and therefore I can't say anything about the coherence. However, I can tell you this - I had goosebumps at several moments, and for songs I never heard before that's extraordinary! The album is due for February the 8th 2013; it's a 45-minute concept album about a changing society.

I had the impression that overall the album is heavier and more metal-oriented than we're used to from the band. That isn't a bad thing and that's what I love about TAP. A highlight to me was a certain moment where the music stopped, and then all hell broke loose with special light effects; really impressive! I think this happened during the title track, but I'm not sure. When it was time for the old stuff, I couldn't be happier. All I waited for was Shadow Border, the long version, but they didn't play it. Instead we got The Untold Prophecy as an encore, which was my favourite for a long time. Special effects again this time with smoke, it was all good.

I think the new material is more important and they probably didn't rehearse a lot of the old stuff. It was a great afternoon nevertheless, with many prog friends around and very educational for my daughter. When we said goodbye, the news arrived that TAP will maybe play at Loreley! No promises yet, but I can dream on it!

Janke Rijpkema (edited by Peter Willemsen)

Setlist The Aurora Project:

Set 1:
Event Horizon
Dualistic Consciousness
Turning The Tide
Selling The Aggression
The Oil Supremacy

Set 2:
Sence Of Reality
Speeding Up Time
Photonic Reunion

Untold Prophecy

Pictures by Arthur Haggenburg

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Line up The Aurora Project:

(left to right)
Remco van den Berg:
Guitar & backing vocals
Marcel Guyt:
Synths & Samples
Dennis Binnekade:
Lead vocals
Rob Krijgsman:
Bass guitar
Marc Vooys:
Joris Bol:

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