IOEarth & Mangrove

February 4, 2012, De Boerderij, Zoetermeer(NL)

Unfortunately few people showed up for the double concert of IOEarth and Mangrove at Cultuurpodium Boerderij in Zoetermeer. Maybe the weather conditions were to blame, because a lot of snow had fallen and the temperature was far below zero. However, the roads were passable, so most people must have been able to travel to the venue safely. Maybe these bands are not famous enough to attract a larger audience. Well, it might be a combination of both. Sure, compared to the Dutch prog band Mangrove, IOEarth don't have a strong following in The Netherlands yet. In April 2011 they performed for the first time on a Dutch stage during the iO Pages Festival (see review). At the time they were welcomed enthusiastically and they had a big impact on many people, but apparently this wasn't enough to attract a larger audience at the same venue. Also Mangrove deserve a larger audience. Since they belong to the top of the Dutch prog scene it's rather strange that only few people showed up. Anyway, it must have been the weather after all...


Those people who didn't attend this concert will get a second chance to see the show of IOEarth, because the whole performance was recorded on audio and shot on video.
Dave Cureton
They seized with both hands the offer from the management of the venue to record the concert for a possible live DVD. Well, I'm curious to know whether the film makers were able to capture the spirit of this marvellous concert. The band's first gig at this venue was pretty amazing, but I believe that this second one was slightly better, despite the fact that keyboardist Adam Gough suffered from a cold and needed medication during the gig. Fortunately the accident with his Theremin that happened earlier had a good ending. Just before the concert the aerial of the instrument broke off, but was replaced in time by taking one from an old radio and thus he could use it during Drifting, the second song from their brand new album Moments.

The title track was again the opening piece of the show, just like on the iO Pages Festival last year. However, this time the band's original female singer joined again after giving birth. At first it was difficult to see whether it really was Claire Malin, because she was dressed in a long black gown, wearing a mask and making impressive theatrical moves. While singing about red roses she handed one to someone in the audience. Cinta Indah
Claire Malin
ended the first section of new material followed by some songs from the debut. Smoky Wood, Storyteller and Take Me were welcomed with a lot of cheering indicating that the fans loved these songs. During Take Me Claire returned on stage again. However, this time she wore a white mask and a long white gown. After that, the band returned to the new album and performed Live Your Life, parts I & 2 and Finest Hour. For a while even Winston Churchill was present at the venue with a sample of his voice in Finest Hour. The final three songs of the regular set were taken from their debut. The Creation, Home and Light And Shade were again enthusiastically welcomed by the audience. The latter included a short drum solo by Richard Cureton before they left the stage. The encore Harmonix ended an excellent second Dutch concert hosted by guitarist Dave Cureton. His typical English humour made the audience often laugh, but also his excellent guitar playing was highly appreciated. It proved that he could play many different styles of music. Let's hope the live DVD and CD will turn out to be as good as their performance on this cold winter day!


Mangrove already shot a DVD at this venue, but unfortunately it hasn't been released yet. It's planned in due course of time; maybe later this year. This DVD will certainly show what a fantastic live band Mangrove are. Well, anyway they showed it during this concert. The musicians probably felt a kind of magic in the air during this performance which they themselves regarded as one of the best they ever did. Who am I to disagree?
I'm looking back at this concert with a very good feeling. The four musicians were in good shape; they made me close my eyes from time to time to dream away for a moment on their beautiful music. Standing still never was an option; I just couldn't during all these magical moments. It's impossible for me to mention any favourite tracks since all tracks have the same high level of quality. I think people who own their studio albums will agree.

Not only the music was perfect, but the lightning on stage deserves a special mention as well. That wasn't expected at all because the man who's responsible for the light show during Mangrove's gigs wasn't present. Illness prevented him from travelling with the band, but fortunately he wasn't missed at all. Thanks to the available facilities of the venue and a good stand-in, the band got a superb light show. Together with the perfect sound - which is almost perfect at this venue - it made the picture complete. People who stayed at home being afraid of the low temperature in the open surely missed two excellent concerts that deserved a larger audience, but unfortunately you can't always get what you want!

Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

Setlist IOEarth:

Cinta Indah
Smoky Wood
Take Me
Live Your Life Part One
Live Your Live Part Two
Finest Hour
The Creation
Light And Shade


Pictures IOEarth by Arthur Haggenburg

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Line up IOEarth:

(left to right)
Adam Gough:
keyboards, Theremin, additional guitar
Dave Cureton:
lead guitar, acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals
Richard Cureton:
Luke Shingles:
saxophone, flute
Christian Nokes:
bass guitar
Claire Malin:
lead vocals

Setlist Mangrove:

Hidden Dreams
Daydreamer's Nightmare
Time Will Tell
There Must Be Another Way

Beyond Reality

Pictures Mangrove by Arthur Haggenburg

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Line up Mangrove:

(left to right)
Chris Jonker:
Roland van der Horst:
guitars, vocals
Pieter Drost:
bass guitar, bass pedals
Remco Engels:

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