Hasse Fröberg and Musical Companion
& Penny's Twisted Flavour

March 4, 2011 - De Boerderij, Zoetermeer (NL)

After the wonderful album Future Past (see review), I was anxious to learn how it would sound on a live stage. A live concert of Hasse Fröberg was never disappointing, so even before I heard a single note, I knew this gig would become a special evening for progressive music lovers. I was welcomed by stage manager Paul de Ruiter at De Boerderij. His helpful and caring attitude made me feel at home, especially when he told me that I could have an interview with Hasse Fröberg after the show. Wow, I wasn't prepared to interview, but I was very pleased to meet a musician that I look up to.

Penny's Twisted Flavour

The Dutch band Penny's Twisted Flavour served as a support-act. The last time I saw them they played an instrumental set because their vocalist had just left the band. For this gig they had asked special guest vocalist Rodney Blaze, one of the vocalists participating on the latest album of Star One. The band started instrumentally showing how the four musicians had grown towards each other music wise. With Inside, the band introduced guest singer Rodney Blaze. From the moment he entered the stage I felt there was a kind of chemistry between all musicians. All the technical bits like Matthijs Kieboom doubling Mark Bogert's guitar, Wendy Heuvelmans' solos and Harmen Kieboom' s fills were played perfectly. In the middle of the set we got a short acoustic interlude, wherein Rodney's vocal qualities could be heard in full glory. Very impressive! Before finishing with another instrumental part, Rodney almost left with a bang. He was tripped up by a wire and almost fell head first into the mixing unit! But anyway, seeing Penny again was wonderful: great music, nice people.

Afterwards I inquired after the origin of the band's name and they answered: 'Every other week there's a different story about the name. Which one do you want?' I had to take that for an answer and so they kept it a secret and also a point of amusement.
I also wondered why the cymbals of drummer Harmen Kieboom hang that low. I could watch him all the time while most drummers hide behind a huge amount of cymbals and drums. He told me that it's easier to play this way because the communication with both the other band members and the audience is much better.

Hasse Fröberg

After a short break Hasse Fröberg and Musical Companion entered the stage. From the first moment on you could feel the power, the tightness and the atmosphere in their music. Hasse Fröberg's voice was as great as ever while communicating with the audience all the time. Drummer Ola Strandberg played both powerful and subtle increasing the music's quality with all his delicate drum sounds. Thomas Thomsson played his bass guitar in a very melodic and steady way. Seeing keyboarder Kjell Haraldsson play is a feast for the eyes and ears: tasteful and magnificent solos filling all the gaps. On the left side of the stage we found the band's junior guitarist Anton Lindsjö, whose guitar technics are just fantastic and sounding superbly. The band played all the songs of their debut album Future Past and in addition we got a number of songs Fröberg wrote for The Flower Kings. Songs like Piece Of The Sky, Fallen Empire and Only My Blood are great songs and they work very well on stage, while Magic Pie indeed brought magic on stage. The twin solos that Fröberg and Lindsjö played together sounded very interesting and retro. Sometimes Thin Lizzy came to my mind. The atmosphere during the concert was rather intimate, the audience felt as if they became part of the family of the Musical Companion. Another nice fact was Patsy Delledone, a friend of the band from Canada. She was online via Skype to watch and listen to the show. With the laptop on stage she could hear the audience clapping and shouting for the encore, a wonderful version of Stardust We Are. Hasse Fröberg was accompanied by the keyboards and a few very enthusiastic people in the audience. This must have been a great sight, to see from the stage how people sing along. For me it was a musical highlight to become part of Hasse's followers.

After the show, when the band members had talked to the fans, Hasse Fröberg took me apart to give me the opportunity to ask some questions backstage. It became a pleasant conversation in the presence of Patsy Delledone on the laptop doing a great job helping me out with the interview (see interview). After all it was a special evening that I won't easily forget.

Pedro Bekkers (edited by Peter Willemsen)

Setlist PTF:

Penny's twist
What We Become
Wasting Time
Forgotten Words
Back Home

Pictures Penny's Twisted Flavour by Miranda Bril

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Line up PTF:






special guest vocalist

Setlist Fröberg & MC:

Piece Of The Sky
Song For July
Life Will Kill You
Magic Pie
Only My Blood
It Wouldn't Change A Thing
What If God Is Alone
Fallen Empire
Stardust We Are
The Ultimate Thrill

Pictures Hasse Fröberg and Musical Companion

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Line up Fröberg & MC:

(left to right)
Ola Strandberg:
Anton Lindsjö:
Kjell Haraldsson:
Hasse Fröberg:
vocals, guitar
Thomas Thomson:

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