Twelfth Night -
A Night To Remember

(Blu-ray/ DVD 2019, 179 min, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- The Ceiling Speaks(6:49)
  2- Human Being(7:55)
  3- The End Of The Endless Majority(1:46)
  4- This City(4:14)
  5- World Without End(1:40)
  6- East To West(10:42)
  7- Creepshow(12:24)
  8- Für Helene(6:56)
  9- We Are Sane(10:56)
10- CRAB(4:11)
11- The Poet Sniffs A Flower(1:44)
12- Sequences(19:35)
13- Fact And Fiction(4:42)
14- East Of Eden(6:03)
15- Love Song(8:20)
Special Features:
         - Taking A Look Back a new documentary
         - History Of Twelfth Night Animation
         - Jokes And Speeches
         - Photo Gallery

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Back in 2010 the British act Twelfth Night released their impressive DVD MMX (see review). Now ten years later I am watching another impressive DVD/ Blu-ray release from the same band. They named it A Night To Remember. It was indeed a night to remember according to the footage shown on this amazing release.

A Night To Remember contains footage of the band from several years ago. What you can enjoy was recorded during their performance at the Silk Street Theatre in London on 15th December 2012. The line up doesn't differ that much from the MMX release. Here the two TN founders Brian Devoil (drums, percussion) and Clive Mitten (guitars, basses, bass pedals, keyboards, voice) played together with Geoff Mann's follow up singer Andy Sears (lead vocals, percussion, keyboards, piano), ex LaHost frontman Mark Spencer (guitars, basses, keyboards, vocals) and the two Galahad members Dean Baker (keyboards) and Roy Keyworth (guitar, backing vocals).

For this show original guitarist Andy Revell joined the ranks again, after realising how much he regretted to be on that reunion gig two years earlier. Leaving Keyworth to do a guest appearance during East Of Eden. Sears probably preferred to stay in his beloved Spain and therefore Spencer was brought forward to the front stage to do the lead vocals. And having Baker again doing the main keyboard parts. Of course the two earlier mentioned TN founders are present again!

In this line up they brought a spectacular show on the stage in front of an enthusiastic audience. Yes, they delivered a really entertaining show that is worth watching. It certainly helped that the audio sound is excellent and the picture quality is superb. So I couldn't ask for much more while sitting in my living room looking at my large TV screen.

As for the setlist it was obvious that less material from the albums made with Andy on lead vocals are done compared to the previous DVD release. Focussing more on the Geoff Mann material and instrumental pieces. After all they started out as an instrumental progressive rock act. I will not go through the whole show they did, but mentioning some of the many highlights might do justice for this excellent release.

The grand opening of the show with the classic TN track The Ceiling Speaks sets the stage on fire right from the start. Followed by the many classics coming from their masterpiece Fact And Fiction (1982). It's pure enjoyment listening to the strong performances of Human Being, We Are Sane and This City. And of course Creepshow on which Mark Spencer appears as the crazy man in a white coat. Bravo to the way he does play this role. It's just excellent. His singing is sometimes theatrical, sometimes discreet, but always a must to watch and to listen to! Just like he also managed to bring Sequences to a good ending. Here he shines again, dressed as a soldier in proper camouflage jacket, spreading the message of love. Also the two songs East To West and For Helene are amazing. Both taken from the bands first live album Live At The Target (1981). They refer of course to the instrumental origins of the band. The final encore is of course the intimate Love Song. The hymn dedicated to Geoff Mann appropriately forms the grand finale of this amazing concert.

But there is much more on this release. First there is Taking A Look Back, a brand new documentary. Highly recommended to watch! Furthermore some short films shot during the concert. Titled Jokes and Speeches! And there is David Read's opening film projected onto the 30-metre screen at the venue. It brought to life the band's 35-year journey and gave the whole evening a powerfully emotional context. Telling the animated history of Twelfth Night in a nutshell. Finally a fine photo gallery to watch!

All in all it has to be said that this release on Blu-ray or DVD deserves to be in the collection of every proghead without any doubt! Because what you get here is of a very high level. And the good news is that the audio of the entire show is available on a double CD as well. So get it as fast as you can! Highly recommended and therefore only the highest score of five stars can be given to this superb release!

***** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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