Toska -
Ode To The Author Live

(Blu-ray 2017, 34:59, Self-Released)

The tracks:
  1- Intro (Live)(1:12)
  2- Chalk Teeth (Live)(5:51)
  3- Chasm (Live)(6:35)
  4- Phoneme (Live)(1:46)
  5- Illumo (Live)(8:03)
  6- Anthropocene (Live)(1:19)
  7- Infantile (Live)(10:11)

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In 2015 Toska, released a 6 track EP now to be released in a live version. This instrumental band can be filed under djent and consists of Rabea Massaad (guitar), Dave Hollingworth (bass), Ben Minal (drums). I'm curious about this fairly new band, can it keep itself standing live with those complex rhythms and guitar riffs/ solo's. They even had the guts to release it on a (strictly limited) Blu-ray!

Not as virtuoso as Animals As Leaders but yet strong guitar parts in all tracks. Control of instruments is a fact. This trio builds a high quality set.
Chalk Teeth is live more raw and in front of the stage it'll get the pit started. The wahwah solo part reminds me of a heavier re-incarnation of Twelfth Night's Andy Revell. Chasm shows the excellence of this band with a surprising refreshing mid-section. They manage to let Illumo sound darker than on the 15 EP and 10+ track Infantile still needs vocals. It's asking... no screaming for it! The 3 shorts I see as a nice introduction to the longer tracks.

Off course the production sounds lesser than the studio EP but they keep the sound refreshing. I think Toska will get far in the djent scene if they keep this quality up. And I look forward to more (evolved) work.

**** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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