Sylvan -
Posthumous Silence: The Show

(DVD 2008, 148:00, Progrock Records PRR 217, SPV 452547 DVD)

The tracks:
  1- Eternity ends
  2- Bequest of tears
  3- In chains
  4- Bitter symphony
  5- Pain of truth
  6- No earthly reason
  7- Forgotten virtue
  8- The colors changed
  9- A sad sympathy
10- Questions
11- Answers to life
12- Message from the past
13- The last embrace
14- A kind of Eden
15- Posthumous silence

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After their acclaimed album Posthumous Silence (2006), we now can enjoy the DVD-version of the entire track list of this album. Besides the album, Sylvan added some bonus features: behind the scenes, interviews and the pleasant epic Artificial Paradise.

The start of this concert is impressive. We see a huge curtain between the audience and the band. Then the music builds up together with projections about the dark story. The music swells with lots of tension followed by a fragile piano, melancholic vocals, an intense cello and a bombastic eruption. The curtain falls and finally the band appears. Sylvan’s sound on Posthumous Silence alternates between progressive pop, melodic rock and neo-prog. Marco Glühmann finds himself in the centre of both the band and the music. On stage, he feels like a fish in the water. I like his voice and presentation with dosed theatrical elements, especially in Forgotten Virtue and The Last Embrace. Just great! Sylvan play tight and enthusiastic, all tracks are performed with passion and with a very professional attitude. The sound is excellent and the lightshow is wonderful, just as it should be on a DVD! The lengthy final song is the title track. I really enjoyed the howling guitar runs and the bombastic keyboard sound. The band gets a standing ovation after the concert has finished.

I’m convinced that everyone who bought the CD will be delighted with this strong and entertaining DVD-version of Posthumous Silence.

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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