RPWL - A New Dawn

(2CD/ Blu-ray/ DVD 2017, 65:09/ 54:17, 150 min, Gentle Art Of Music)

The tracks:
Blu-ray/ DVD:
  1- Prologue*
  2- Revelation
  3- Introduction*
  4- Oh Hapless Man*
  5- Swords And Guns
  6- This Ancient Formula*
  7- A Clear Cut Line
  8- Wanted
  9- Like To Like*
10- The Fisherman
11- Sound Of Loneliness*
12- Hide And Seek
13- From Paul To Saul*
14- Disbelief
15- Misguided Thought
16- Still Asleep
17- Home Shopping*
18- Perfect Day
19- Terror*
20- The Attack
21- The Eternal Recurrence*
22- A New Dawn
23- Revelation Reprise
         - *narration/ acting
Bonus material:
         - Unchain The Earth (Live)
         - Swords And Guns (Official Video Clip)
         - Making Of Film
CD 1:
  1- Revelation(5:14)
  2- Swords And Guns(9:45)
  3- A Clear Cut Line(4:13)
  4- Wanted(4:55)
  5- Like To Like(2:06)
  6- The Fisherman(18:29)
  7- Hide And Seek(6:56)
  8- Disbelief(6:04)
  9- Misguided Thought(7:23)
CD 2:
  1- Still Asleep(7:59)
  2- Perfect Day(6:39)
  3- Terror(1:03)
  4- The Attack(10:39)
  5- A New Dawn(6:53)
  6- Revelation Reprise(6:19)
  7- Unchain The Earth(7:12)
  8- Hole In The Sky(7:31)

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The best German (Bavarian) prog rock band RPWL celebrates their 20th anniversary with the release of their new release called A New Dawn.

Their last concept album Wanted (2014, see review) is played from the beginning till the end and the spectacular show is completed with The Fisherman and Unchain The Earth (only on CD and bonus track on the DVD) from the album Beyond Man And Time (2012, see review), Still Asleep (CD only and bonus track on Wanted) and Hole In The Sky from their debut God Has Failed (2000)(also only on CD). A New Dawn was recorded in RPWL's hometown Freising in October 2015 and this amazing concert is now released as double CD, double LP, Blu-ray and DVD. A New Dawn is a truly amazing live show of one of the best prog rock bands on this planet and the musical highlights for me are: The Fisherman, the longest song on the CD and probably one of the best RPWL songs ever, Misguided Thought, with a spectacular guitar solo from Kalle Wallner, who is by far the most underrated guitar player of the world! The Attack, another rather long song, is again dominated by the guitar work of Wallner and A New Dawn, the last song, is also one of my favorite RPWL tracks, a fascinating power ballad with great lyrics. Hole In The Sky, the oldest song on the album is again a superb piece of prog rock music that only RPWL can produce, as these guys really are a brilliant band.

As I said in earlier reviews about RPWL, these guys are the future of modern prog rock and on this spectacular live release Yogi Lang (lead vocals, keyboards), Kalle Wallner (guitars, backing vocals),Werner Taus (bass, backing vocals), Markus Jehle (keyboards) and Marc Turiaux (drums) musically peaked again! A must for fans of melodic prog rock music, one of the best live releases I have heard and seen this year!

***** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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