Magenta - We Are Seven

(2DVD 2018, 140: 39, Tigermoth Records TMRDVD0918)

The tracks:
  1- Speechless
  2- Trojan
  3- Colours
  4- Legend
  5- Prekestolen
  1- Gluttony
  2- Envy
  3- Lust
  4- Anger
  5- Greed
  6- Sloth
  7- The Lizard King
  8- Pride

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The Welsh progressive rock act Magenta has in the past already released several live releases. And this flood of live releases continues with We Are Seven. Do I care? Not at all, because anybody who has seen them knows that they are an excellent live band. After watching them I always want a recording of the concert. But that's not always possible as you know. With this new release they come close to my request.

Anybody who looks carefully at the title of this live release on double CD and double DVD knows that we are dealing here with the complete live versions of the band's latest studio album We Are Legend (2017, see review) and the bands best studio album Seven (2004, see review Seven Special Edition). Well can you as a fan of the band ask for anything more? I guess not, because both albums contain amazing progressive rock tunes.

We Are Seven was recorded and filmed at The Robin 2 in Wolverhampton on the 8th of April 2018. And as always with audio and video recordings of the band you do know that everything is top notch. Also this time around. The camera shots are perfect and give good close ups of the musicians on stage. Sound wise, most of all if you play the DTS 5.1 Surround sound, you hear it as if you are at the venue yourself. So you don't hear me complaining.

As always present on stage were the Magenta core, the trio Christina Booth (vocals), Chris Fry (guitar, background vocals), Rob Reed (keys, background vocals) and the rhythm section Dan Nelson (bass guitar) and Jiffy Griffiths (drums), while in front the realization of Seven is the support of two guest musicians: Karla Powell on oboe and Katie Axelsen on flute.

As mentioned earlier, these musicians are responsible for the full live performance of the two albums We Are Legend and Seven. But there is more to enjoy! The set list is supplemented with the single Speechless dating from 2007 and the songs Prekestolen from the album Metamorphosis (2008) and The Lizard King from The Twenty Seven Club (2013, see review). There is a bit of difference between the song order on CD and DVD. For the double CD, however, something had to be tricked and, for reasons of capacity, The Lizard King is placed on CD 1, although it featured at the end of the concert. But if you look only at the DVDs you want have this problem anymore!

Those who know the band, I don't have to tell how they sound and to which band you can compare them. But I do know that still there are many progheads who never have heard them. Shame on you! For those I can tell you that music wise they bring out the best of acts such as Mike Oldfield, Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Renaissance. Right? I guess so! It has also to be said, if you like great guitar and synthesizer solos, this are the releases you have to get! Or if you like many bombastic moments and great female vocals, This is the one for you!

My final conclusion: Once again rich food for all friends of Magenta and Robert Reed - this time live with We Are Seven, where the 2004 album Seven and their current 2017er masterpiece We Are Legend on April 8, 2018 was performed in Wolverhampton and recorded on double CD and double DVD in excellent picture and sound quality. Get it as soon as you can! Highly recommended!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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