Goblin Rebirth - Alive

(2CD/DVD 2016, 48:03/ 59:38/ 115 min, Black Widow Records BWRCD182 / BWRDVD182-1)

The tracks:
  1- Killer On The Train(6:35)
  2- Buio Omega(4:33)
  3- Aquaman(6:03)
  4- Mad Puppet(4:20)
  5- Death Dies(3:16)
  6- Roller(5:03)
  7- Doctor Frankenstein(6:03)
  8- La Chiesa(7:04)
  9- Tenebre(5:06)
10- Goblin(12:15)
11- L'Alba dei Morti Viventi(5:54)
12- Magic Thriller(5:13)
13- Le Cascate Di Viridiana(6:08)
14- Connexion(4:45)
15- Witch(2:37)
16- Suspiria(6:51)
17- Zombi(5:28)
18- Profondo Rosso(10:27)
  The same track list as CD 1 and CD 2

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In the world of soundtracks the name of the Italian band Goblin is not unknown. Especially their compositions for horror movies were well known in the seventies. They frequently collaborate with Dario Argento, most notably creating soundtracks for Profondo Rosso in 1975 and Suspiria in 1977. The instrumentals on those soundtracks were very much loved in the progressive rock scene. Most of all the line up with Agostino Marangolo (drums, percussion), Massimo Morante (guitars), Fabio Pignatelli (bass) and Claudio Simonetti (keyboards) made excellent albums. But as always with bands, they split up after a while and eventually reform again. This was also the case with this band. Even several bands came out of the ashes of Goblin and contain members which were also active in the band back in the seventies. One of those acts is Goblin Rebirth. In 2015 they released their eponymous album. One year later they presented Alive.

Goblin Rebirth features the Goblin rhythm section Fabio Pignatelli on bass and Agostino Marangolo on drums. They were in the band from 1975 until 1980 approximately and worked together on nine studio albums. The line up is completed with guitarist Giacomo Anselmi and the two keyboard players Aidan Zammit and Danilo Cherni. Alive was released on a double CD and a DVD at the same time. Strangely enough the recordings on this release already took place before the band released their official debut album in 2015. This live concert was recorded in Rome at Crossroads April 22nd, 2011; the same venue where RanestRane recorded their release Monolith In Rome - A Space Odyssey Live (2015, see review) and Steve Rothery recorded Live In Rome (2014, see review).

Why it took so long to release the recordings of this concert remains unknown. A concert done four year before they released their debut means you can't find any songs from this album on neither the double CD or DVD. I guess the songs were not written yet and the band could have been in a different situation at the time. It doesn't really matter why it took so long before the outside world could enjoy this excellent release and it is excellent indeed, both on audio and video. What you get are the best songs originally recorded in the seventies performed on modern equipment. The instrumentals are mainly taken from the earlier mentioned Profondo Rosso and Suspiria, other compositions are taken from Roller (1976) and Zombi - Dawn Of The Dead (1978). The songs are very well reproduced in front of a live audience and show that we are dealing with very skilled musicians. When you watch the footage on the DVD you can see that from time to time images from the movies the musical scores were written for are shown behind the musicians. The cameramen on stage made sure everything was captured very well. Many times you get great close ups of the musicians and you can see how they play their parts on their instruments. You can watch in detail how founding member Pignatelli plays an excellent bass solo after the track Aquaman.

I am not complaining after going through this release. Everything is perfect and therefore certainly recommended to many progheads. Most of all, those who know the music Goblin made in the seventies have a lot to enjoy. But also those who like strong instrumental pieces of progressive rock music are advised to check out Goblin Rebirth's Alive. You won't regret it, just like I didn't!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Astrid de Ronde)
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