Genesis Project -
More Seconds Out

(DVD 2012, 150 min, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Squonk
  2- One For The Vine
  3- Robbery, Assault & Battery
  4- Inside And Out
  5- Firth Of Fifth
  6- Carpet Crawlers
  7- ...In That Quiet Earth
  8- Afterglow
  9- I Know What I Like
10- 11th Earl Of Mar
11- All In A Mouse's Night
12- Cinema Show
13- Supper's Ready
14- Dance On A Volcano
15- Drum Duet
16- Los Endos
17- The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
18- The Musical Box 
19- The Knife

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In January 2012, I witnessed an excellent concert by Genesis Project at Lakei in Helmond (see review). This concert was a copy of the entire live shows that the real Genesis performed during their Wind And Wuthering tour in 1977. The musicians on stage outstandingly performed this rather complex music. I hoped that they would record one of their Seconds Out-shows for a DVD-release, so that I would be able to enjoy this strong performance whenever I wanted to. Thank goodness, they managed to get one of these shows filmed and recently they released it on a DVD called More Seconds Out.

The title of the DVD has been derived from the live album Seconds Out (1977) that Genesis released after the above-mentioned live shows. The whole show on this disc lasts for two and a half hours and it comes pretty close to the show I witnessed myself. The band thoroughly covers the music made by Genesis in those days. This means that lead singer Roland van der Horst, just like Phil Collins, can be seen behind a drum kit during the instrumental passages. Also the combination of songs from A Trick Of The Tail (1975), Wind And Wuthering (1976) and classic Genesis material originally sung by Peter Gabriel can be enjoyed. Well, it's easy for me to sum up all the songs that Genesis Project excellently performed, but I think that won't be necessary. The DVD just contains one highlight after another and even an outstanding version of The Knife can be enjoyed as well. They didn't perform this track during the gig I attended.

Since people in the audience aren't allowed to climb upon the stage during a concert, I couldn't see everything at close range. This prevented me from looking over the shoulder of keyboard player Ebert Zwart to see how well he played the musical parts of Tony Banks. I couldn't properly see drummer Remco Engels marvellously playing the parts of Bill Bruford and Chester Thompson. I neither could see the drum duet that Engels performed with Roland van der  Horst, just like Phil Collins did with the above-mentioned drummers. Therefore I welcomed the fine close-ups on this DVD which are all very well shot. So I give my thumbs for the great work of John Vis and his camera crew! While resting on my couch, I can now watch all musicians playing their parts. Surely Roland van der Horst isn't Phil Collins and bass player Sven de Haan doesn't resemble Mike Rutherford. Of course the guitar solos by Edwin Roes differ from the ones that Steve Hackett played, but that doesn't mean that the music of this Genesis tribute band is less interesting. On the contrary, the musicianship of the band members is of such a high level that their performance equals the kind of professionalism the original members of Genesis once had on stage!

You might think that a live show lasting for two and a half hours will become boring after a while, but that's not the case at all. Not only the music itself is very entertaining, but also the performances of the musicians on stage are worthwhile watching. Especially the spectacular twin drum parts and the performance of lead singer Van der Horst will keep you awake. His tambourine trick during I Know What I Like and his role of the 'monster mouse' in All In A Mouse's Night shows that he can entertain an audience just like Mr. Collins could in 1977.

As a bonus the booklet contains the history of Genesis Project. However, in order to read it you must have knowledge of the Dutch language. Many pictures of several line-ups and live shots taken from their Seconds Out tour have been included as well and it even features pictures that were made by the crew of Background Magazine! People who regard themselves to be Genesis fans or devotees of seventies progressive rock music should buy this fantastic DVD, because it will take you back in time in a very pleasant way!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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