Druckfarben - Artifact

(DVD 2013, 90 min, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Intro: Pennyfarthing
  2- Sons of Anakim
  3- Influenza
  4- Walk Away
  5- Nat Nayah
  6- Seems So Real
  7- Nonchalant
  8- Smaller Wooden Frog
  9- ELPO
10- Dead Play Awake
11- Siberian Khatru
  Oopart: A Druckumentory

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The eponymous debut album by the Canadian progressive rock band Druckfarben appeared in 2011 (see review). In my opinion this is a great album that I especially recommended to people who enjoy the music of acts like Yes, Circa:, World Trade, U.K., Gentle Giant and Spock's Beard. Now two years later they released the DVD Artifact, which gives us the opportunity to see them perform live on stage. This concert was shot at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto, Canada on the 8th of March 2012.

During one hour you can watch and listen to Phil Naro (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Ed Bernard (lead guitars, violin, mandolin, backing vocals), Will Hare (keyboards, backing vocals), Peter Murray (bass, octave mandolin, backing vocals) and Troy Feener (drums, percussion). They very well succeeded in performing their complicated music in front of an audience. They played all tracks of their debut and watching this DVD attentively it really looks as if it weren't difficult at all to play those songs.

I think these musicians are capable of playing almost everything perfectly which is proved by the only cover they included, namely the Yes song Siberian Khatru. I wasn't that surprised when I read that they would play a Yes song on this DVD, but I certainly was when I heard their version! Wow, these guys can really play this amazing tune! It just sounded as if it was done by the original band! I also had to compliment the people who filmed the show and the ones who are responsible for the sound. Both the images and the sound are done in the best possible way. The close-ups are really good and the live sound gives you the impression that you're a visitor of one of their shows!

Apart from the footage of this concert you can enjoy a fantastic documentary called Oopart: A Druckumentory. During this section of almost half an hour you'll learn more about the history of the band. They also tell the reason why the band is called Druckfarben. In addition they tell about the first gig, rehearsals, classic albums live and the release of the debut. This is really an interesting documentary that never gets boring. It's all very tasteful and entertaining until the dying seconds.

If you already own the band's debut album then I would highly recommend you to check out this nice DVD! If you just want to see a good live show performed by a great progressive rock band, then give this release a try. I think you won't regret it! Very well done indeed!

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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