Dificil Equilibrio -
Presents live Tiana 2008

(DVD DVD 2010, 77 min, Musea Records FGBG 9029)

The tracks:
  1- Flood Parte II
  2- Flood Parte II Coda
  3- A.S.Prisma
  4- Ella Hiel
  5- Mudan Las Palabras
  6- Brightness Falls
  7- Anhelo
  8- Malva Bruma
  9- Generacion Extraviada Parte I
10- Generacion Extraviada Part II
11- I Dream Of Wires
12- Antiempatia
13- Progression
14- Un Final
15- Trayecto IV
16- Esperar Al Olvido
17- Easy Money

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This DVD consists of a concert that Spanish band Dificil Equilibrio gave at the Teatre Albťniz in Tiana-Barcelona on May 24, 2008. While watching, it wasnít difficult to conclude that King Crimson must have been a big source of inspiration for them, because most of the songs go in the direction of Crimsonís Red-era. Thus it seemed logical to me that there must be a cover version of KC on the track list. And I was right. When I looked at the back of the DVD-case I noticed Easy Money, but thatís not the only cover on this release. The songs I Dream Of Wires and Brightness Falls may ring a bell by some of our readers. The first one is a cover of Gary Numanís second solo album Telekon. The second one appeared on the album The First Day made by David Sylvian and Robert Fripp released in 1993. Those covers are the only songs that contain some vocals.

Itís sad to find out that these covers also belong to the few highlights on this DVD. The rest of the music mostly sounds very monotonous and similar. Besides, the band has no keyboard player, singer Alberto Diaz hasnít got a very strong voice and he sings with an accent. Even with two guitar players in the line-up they couldnít bring a smile on my face by playing an excellent guitar solo or a strong riff. Singer Alberto Diaz is just an average guitar player and the support of the additional guest guitarist Joan Santanach didnít lift the music to a higher level. However, drummer Lluis Rodrigues isnít a bad musician at all. From time to time he sounds like Bill Bruford, but unfortunately thatís not enough to enjoy the music of Dificil Equilibrio. Moreover, the entire concert of seventy minutes is way too short to justify the release of a DVD. They added seven minutes of bonus footage, but no idea why they did so. All you see are the images of tour posters accompanied by the music of the band. The way the band was filmed and the recording of the sound however, are quite good. There could have been some more light on stage in order to have a better look on the performing musicians. Probably there wasnít enough money available for this release. That might be the reason why this DVD canít in no way compete with releases from bands as Porcupine Tree and Marillion or with the many Polish Metal Mind-releases.

Dificil Equilibrio Live Tiana 2008 is just a moderate release, no more, no less. Itís only interesting for people enjoying the music of this band or for die-hard King Crimson-fans who like to have everything from this band or from any other band that sounds like their heroes.

** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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