Credo - This Is What We Do

(DVD 2009, DVD 188 min, CD 100 minutes 0176 MMP)

The tracks:
  1- The game (11:41)
  2- Turn the gun around (6:57)
  3- Skin trade (7:03)
  4- Seems like yesterday (5:39)
  5- Field of vision - Medley (13:31)
  6- Round and round(11:30)
  7- Too late …: (6:46)
  8- …To say goodbye(4:57)
  9- A kindness (7:29)
10- The letter(8:35)
11- From the cradle …(6:31)
12- …To the grave(11:13)

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Credo Concert Review 8-May-09        Credo CD review

This Is What We Do is the first DVD of British Credo, currently one of the finest neo-prog bands. This DVD-box of a live concert in Poland also includes two CD’s with the same track list. The band consisting of singer Mark Colton, guitarist Tim Birrell, keyboardist Mike Varty (Shadowland, Janison Edge), bass player Jim Murdock and drummer Martin Meads, gave an excellent performance in Teatre Slaski, Katowice in October 2008. I enjoyed every minute of this fine performance, especially after visiting their excellent show in De Pul, Uden (The Netherlands). Tim Birrell’s guitar solos are very pointed and melodic, but also the rest of the band is at its best. Personally, I like Martin Mead’s drumming very much. It gives all the songs just that little extra.

First track The Game is a typical Credo-song, but if you listen well early Marillion could have played it as well. It begins with a keyboard solo and after a few minutes, Mark’s expressive voice takes over. The song is built up slowly and after six minutes Tim plays a beautiful, melodic guitar solo that causes gooseflesh all over.

The second track Turn The Gun Around starts up-tempo and here you can enjoy the perfect drumming technique of Martin. The song reminded me a bit of neo-prog bands like Pallas, IQ and Arena. In the middle section of this mysterious and dark track, you get another perfectly timed bluesy guitar solo that holds the song in his grip until the last notes die away. Skin Trade is another representative Credo-song beginning like Arena, but soon it reminded me of my favourite Marillion-song Incubus, especially the middle section with the guitar and piano solos.

The next one is a medley of four tracks from their first album Field Of Vision (1994) followed by a brand-new song, with the temporary title Round And Round. It starts as a copy of a Pendragon/IQ epic, with again Tim’s remarkable guitar licks. I am sure that this song will become a live favourite. Too Late …To Say Goodbye is another highlight that sounds like the ultimate Arena track! A Kindness is a song about a serial killer. This piece starts up-tempo and gradually turns into a ballad. The Letter is a love song with a beautiful chorus and a bluesy Gilmouresk guitar solo. The final song is one of the most interesting tracks on this DVD. From The Cradle…To The Grave begins in the vein of early Marillion, let’s say Fugazi-period. The enthusiastic performance of Mark Colton gets the audience out of the chairs. Their hand clapping gives this song a real live atmosphere! After one hour and 45 minutes, the show is over. Sadly, but I can happily play it repeatedly. Not only the music is of an outstanding quality but that also applies to the images, especially for the guitar and vocal parts.

In the extras, you can watch an outspoken interview with Mark and Mike about the history of the band and the reasons why they didn’t perform for so many years. You can watch Credo behind the scenes as well, attending rehearsals and enjoy three extra live songs recorded in 1999 and 2006. This DVD is highly recommended for everyone who likes neo-prog in the vein of all the above-mentioned bands.      

***** Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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