Arena - XX

(2016 DVD, 140 min, Metal Mind Records)

The tracks:
  1- The Demon Strikes
  2- Rapture
  3- Double Vision
  4- Crack In The Ice
  5- Moviedrome
  6- How Did It Come to This?
  7- Butterfly Man
  8- Bedlam Fayre
  9- Serenity
10- The Unquiet Sky
11- Traveller Beware
12- The City Of Lanterns
13- Riding The Tide
14- Hanging Tree
15- The Tinder Box
16- Solomon
17- Don't Forget To Breathe
18- Crying For Help
Bonus video:
         - Interview with Mick Pointer
         - Interview with Clive Nolan
         - Extras: Photo gallery, Discography, Desktop images

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This DVD XX by Arena was recorded at the Rialto theatre in Katowice, Poland on 9April 2015. The set list contains a lot of maybe too often played, very familiar songs like City Of Lanterns and Don't Forget To Breathe. It might be time for Arena to play some other tracks, as especially Crack In The Ice or Crying For Help are songs that I personally have heard and seen too often.

The sound on this DVD is excellent and especially the vocals of Paul Manzi which are top notch, just listen to e.g. the power ballad How Did It Come To This! Other highlights of this DVD are Riding The Tide, The Hanging Tree and Solomon. John Mitchell excels on guitar and Clive Nolan shines on keyboards as usual and Arena certainly gives the audience their money's worth as the show lasts 140 minutes!! The band even plays two encores, being: the obvious Don't Forget To Breathe and Crying For Help, and so this DVD is a must for Arena aficionados.

Highly recommended!!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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