eNcIrClEd -
The Gun Has Replaced The Handshake

(CD 2014, 46:10, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Rise/Fall(7:40)
  2- The Abyss(9:23)
  3- Bruise(4:14)
  4- This Too Shall Pass(4:49)
  5- One for Sorrow(10:36)
  6- The Gun Has Replaced The Handshake(9:26)

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eNcIrClEd is a UK band, consisting of Scott Evans (bass, bass pedals, keyboards and programming), Gareth Evans (guitars) and Mark 'Busby' Burrows (vocals, guitar). Their music can be found on Bandcamp. The files on that site haven been recorded on a limited CD-r in a nice and simple digipack.

The sound of the band reminds me of early demos that were delivered on tape. I hear various influences of different progressive bands from the eighties. It's like the first prog revival with bands like Marillion, IQ, Pendragon, Pallas, Twelfth Night (to name a few who marked that era) are coming back to me again. I liked that sound. Also not overproduced and not quite superior recorded.

The slightly Steve Rothery sounding guitars are nice and the thick layers of synths are very welcome to my ears too. Especially when my favourite Mellotron sounds are used. A track like The Abyss is a perfect example of this description. The whole album breathes a dark sphere (especially 10+ minute long One For Sorrow) and the lyrics are telling about current problems. Sung in a sometimes Fish like theatrical way sounding like early Castanarc (if someone remembers that band).

One critic note: A drummer to replace the computer (which is not badly programmed at all) would make the music more alive. It's nice to hear that those three musicians embraced the prog sound that made me a fan of this music genre.

****+ Erik van Os (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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