Yogi Lang -
A Way Out Of Here

(CD 2019, 50:55, Gentle Art Of Music GAOM 062)

The tracks:
  1- Move On(9:28)
  2- A Way Out Of Here(5:30)
  3- Shine On Me(5:45)
  4- Don't Confuse Life With A Thought(4:30)
  5- Love Is All Around(4:35)
  6- Freedom Of The Day(4:20)
  7- Early Morning Light(6:25)
  8- The Sound Of The Ocean(4:30)
  9- I'll Be There For You(5:20)

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Nine years after his solo album No Decoder (2010, see review), Yogi Lang, vocalist and front man of RPWL, releases his new solo project called A Way Out Of Here and without further ado let me tell you that this is again a brilliant neo prog rock/art rock album. Of course it also almost an RPWL album but that is mainly due to Yogi's very recognizable, charming vocal performance.

A Way Out Of Here contains nine songs of which Move On, Don't Confuse Life With A Thought (excellent song title), Love Is All Around and Early Morning Light are the musical gems. The latter, my personal fav, is an instrumental prog rocker, featuring heavenly, melodic sparkling guitar solos from Torsten Weber; in other words a very emotional and romantic track. Move On, the opening song, also the longest track, features a RPWL guitar riff, catchy guitar melodies and Manfred Mann-like keyboards solos from Yogi himself. The piano-led ballad-like last track I'll Be There For You is again a typical Yogi Lang song featuring great vocals and lots of melody. All the music and lyrics were written by :Lang with the exception of Freedom Of The Day, which was composed together with Guy Pratt (bass player with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour). Lang is musically assisted by Torsten Weber (guitars), Stephan Treutter (drums), Yvo Fischer (bass guitar), Kalle Wallner (guitars on track 4 and 9) and Klaus Reichert (pedal steel and mandolin).

A Way Out Of Here is a very impressive album, a must have for art rock aficionados,

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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