Yak - Journey Of The Yak

(CD 2008, 48:42, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Gates of Moria(3:12)
  2- Entangled in Dreams(10:04)
  3- Jadis of Charn(11:28)
  4- March of the Huorns(12:04)
  5- Dearly Departed(3:06)
  6- Journey of the Yak(8:30)

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When you click on the site www.yaksongs.com itís written there in capital letters: Yak Keyboard-led Progressive Rock. Indeed, thatís just what this British musical trio Yak stands for. Many reviewers wrote a review of Journey Of The Yak, recorded and released in 2008. After reading many reviews, I wanted to find out myself what kind of music this band creates, so I contacted them. Some reviewers said the album to be highly recommended and I can only agree. If you like instrumental keyboard-dominated music accompanied by a great rhythm section, you will enjoy Yak a lot.

Youíll hardly miss a lead singer on Journey Of The Yak, although some tunes seem to be written with some vocal parts in mind. A good example is the second track Entangled By Dreams, but the Mellotron-samples taken from a Kurzweil- keyboard and the electric guitar sound made by a synthesizer perfectly replace the human voice. Throughout the album, we hear many Mellotron and electric guitar samples. These instruments dominate the six tracks on this album together with the Hammond-organ and the grand piano. The books of Tolkien were a great inspiration for most of the songs indicated by names as Moria and Huorns.

This private release was the first effort of Martin Morgan (keyboards), Dave Speight (drums) and Gary Bennet (bass guitar). However, Martin Morgan previously created three albums with Yak: Dark Side Of The Duck (2004), Does Your Yak Bite? (2005) and The Rutland Chronicles (2006). The first release contained material written in a time when Yak was active as a four-piece from 1982 to 1984. The second and third release contained music from the reformed band. In fact, these albums are jam sessions from those days.

The proceeds of Journey Of The Yak are all for the benefit of rescued animals at the Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary. Apparently, something pitiful must happen before we can enjoy a real good album! I hope Yakís next release will be based upon a more lighthearted concept. For people who need references for the music of Yak, think of Craft, Rick Wakeman, Willowglass and Greenslade.†

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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