XaDu - Random Abstract

(CD 2015, 56:17, Moonjune Records MJR 073 )

The tracks:
  1- Secrets(6:38)
  2- Random Abstract(6:02)
  3- Decaying Sky(7:58)
  4- New Pop(7:10)
  5- Something In Between(7:51)
  6- Deep Ocean(6:53)
  7- Place With A View(4:56)
  8- Workplace(4:06)
  9- No Hope(4:44)

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XaDu stands for the combination of two Moonjune recording artists who both already have recorded under their own name. Xavi Reija, the Spanish drummer released the album Resolution (2014, see review) as a trio and Serbian guitarist Dusan Jevtovic has in Am I Walking Wrong; a power trio album on his palmares. Dusan by the way, was the guitarist on Resolution. In order to experience total freedom both musicians choose to record an album just as a duo, using only guitar and drums. Reason for that is in a trio or quartet one of the musicians usually has to maintain the pace of rhythm during a composition or jam, while the others have the freedom to harmonize, play counterparts or just get a chance to freak out.

Random Abstract is the result of two musicians creating music without boundaries. Listening to the album it seems like Random Abstract is one big spontaneous jam, with just a few noted parts to keep the songs coherent. Much like the famous Liquid Tension Experience albums started out. Musically the instrumental songs are built up on polyrhythmic drum patterns and intense melodic guitar melodies, sometimes chaotic, sometimes sweet and gentle. A song like Something In Between has a very nice power building part with Jeff Beck reminding guitar solos and bendings, while Deep Ocean has a relatively tight drum pattern that has to co-operate with heavily distorted guitar sounds. During Workspace the guitar provides a dirty sounding funky base for Xavi to express himself.

Over all the music is, due to Dusan's guitar sounds, extremely appropriate for King Crimson fans; more specific, Robert Fripp aficionados, fusion lovers and friends of experimental music. The songs are interesting soundscapes played by two very gifted musicians, who will keep your attention to the end. Not really suitable for the average progressive rock fan, but guitar nerds and musical friends that are not afraid of distorted soundscapes definitely will appreciate Random Abstract.

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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