X - Panda- Reflections

(CD 2016, 56:47, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- The Game(4:21)
  2- Denial(12:28)
  3- Hit And Run(5:48)
  4- Slave Of Lies(4:20)
  5- Rise Up To Fly(3:28)
  6- On The Way(5:47)
  7- Reflections: Inner Battle(7:44)
  8- Reflections: Silent Friend(6:39)
  9- Estvanemate Parand(6:14)

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Reflections is the second album of Estonian prog metal heads X-Panda. Their debut called Flight Of Fancy (see review) was released 5 years ago and got some decent reviews. For this album X-Panda joined forces with the Tartu University Symphonic Orchestra and the E.Stuudio Youth Choir.

Reflections offers nine new tracks of which the last one, called Esivanemate Parand, is the most extraordinary as it is sung in the Estonian language. It is, sorry to say, also the weakest song of the album, as it sounds a bit too folky and the used instruments are mainly acoustic guitar and piano. In fact the entire album is a bit inconsistent, as it features excellent tracks like The Game or the instrumental On The Way, but also mediocre songs like Reflections: Silent Friend or Rise Up To Fly. The latter almost being a pop song filled with weird high vocals, especially in the chorus.

I think that X-Panda is still looking for their own individual musical style; hence this album is a bit of a mix of good and “bad” songs trying to find that style. However, there is no doubt that these five guys from Estonia can play good music, but their style has to grow and improve in the future. Best song: The Game.

*** Martien Koolen

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