XII Alfonso - Under

(CD 2009, 62:47, Musea FGBG 4814)

The tracks:
  1- Under Lifetime(5:16)
  2- Under Evolution(3:11)
  3- Under Knowledge(2:51)
  4- Under Progress(6:28)
  5- Under Memories(3:06)
  6- Under Knowledge(4:09)
  7- Under Bark(2:43)
  8- Under Atom(7:18)
  9- Under Sky(5:29)
10- Under Bark(3:32)
11- Under Lifetime(4:19)
12- Under Stones(4:50)
13- Under Dream Part 1(5:10)
14- Under Dream Part 2(4:25)

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This album from XII Alfonso’s is a fully instrumental opus which includes lots of sounds, noises and voices but unfortunately no good or interesting music. Just listen to dull tracks like Under Evolution, Under Bark (yawn!!) or Under Atom and you will probably ask yourself if this even is music…….. Again a truly disappointing release from Musea….

* Martien Koolen (edited by Melody Oakley)

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