Wolfspring -
Who's Gonna Save This World?

(CD 2013, 64:20, Quadrifonic)

The tracks:
  1- Ninety-Nine(7:24)
  2- Rats(5:02)
  3- In The Shade(7:23)
  4- Race Against The Clock(5:12)
  5- The End Of The Line(11:01)
  6- The Piper Of Hamelin(5:16)
  7- My Religion(5:39)
  8- Different Colors Of Life(10:11)
  9- Wheels Of Confusion(7:10)


Wolfspring are a French band of which singer and guitar player Jean-Pierre Louveton is also known for being a member of Nemo, another French prog band and better known in the prog community. Who's Gonna Save The World is Wolfspring's second album after their eponymous debut album (2010, see review). The vocals on this album are performed by the German singer Julian Clemens. It contains eight self-written songs and a cover and if you read my reviews on a regular base you already know that I hate covers! Wolfspring covered Wheels Of Confusion, a song by Black Sabbath from their amazing album Volume 4 (1972). While listening to this fantastic classic hard rock track sung by a German vocalist I really got shivers down my spine, and I don't mean that in the proper sense of the word...

The remaining eight tracks are all terribly outdated metal and hard rock songs, which don't pass the test of 2013! The overall sound of the album is extremely hollow or perhaps I should say shallow as one might think that this album was recorded in a yard or in a garage! Since the title of the album Who's Gonna Save The World? is a question I would like to answer it. Well, it's definitely not Wolfspring who's gonna save the world as this is a very disappointing album and certainly not my cup of tea!

* Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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