Wired Ways - Wired Ways

(CD 2022, 43:46, Waterfall Records)

The tracks:
  1- Ticket Tally Man(3:51)
  2- Peacock On The Highway(4:12)
  3- Lazy Daisy(5:47)
  4- Hanoi Tramway(4:51)
  5- Mosquitoes(4:00)
  6- Perpetuum Mobile(3:34)
  7- When The Doors Are Closed(6:07)
  8- Another Sad Man(6:29)
  9- Planet 9(4:56)

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Wired Ways is the debut album of the German band collective Wired Ways, and the core band consists of Richard, multi-instrumentalist, Schaeffer (Geneses, Purple Callas) and Dennis, guitarist/producer, Rux (Angels Of Libra, Hamburg Spinners), singers Jean-Michael Brinksmeier and Daniel Albertus Brouns and last but not least drummer Lucas Zacharias.

The nine songs on this album are a blend of Beatles-like prog rock, pop-art, psychedelic rock and world music and these tracks pay homage to the creative years of the sixties and the seventies! Opening track Ticket Tally Man truly brings back memories of the notorious Beatles, a melodic “seventies” singalong song filled with orchestral arrangements. Then we almost go back to the sixties with the organ dominated, almost psychedelic Peacock On The Highway. For lovers of symphonic prog rock Lazy Daisy is a great song to listen to as I even hear Transatlantic influences in that song. The second longest track, When The Doors Are Closed, is again very orchestral and Planet 9 is obviously influenced by The Beach Boys.

So, there is a lot to enjoy if you like the “prog” music of the sixties and seventies, and especially the experimental period of The Beatles as Another Sad Man (clocking in over six minutes) is a worthy example of the latter influence. Listening tip: Lazy Daisy!

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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