Winter In Eden -
Social Fake

(CD 2022, 38:42, Firestreak Media Release)

The tracks:
  1- Social Fake(3:51)
  2- Never Let Go(3:42)
  3- Out Of Touch(4:55)
  4- Critical Mass - Dear Diary(0:32)
  5- Critical Mass Part 2 - The Change(4:18)
  6- Critical Mass Part 3 - Rage(4:29)
  7- Down(3:38)
  8- Blind Acceptance(3:44)
  9- Smiling Assassin(4:54)
10- Exclusive Invitation(4:36)

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Social Fake is the fourth studio album of Britain's symphonic metal quintet Winter In Eden, and it was about time that they produced a new album as their previous one Court Of Conscience dates from 2014! Newcomer guitar picker Benji Lynch fits perfectly in the heavily orchestral, synthesizer-driven, symphonic rock/metal sound of Winter In Eden. Singer Vicky Johnson, together with Steven Johnson (keys) and Lynch's guitars still define the true sound of Winter In Eden and musically the band will always be “linked” to notorious bands like Within Temptation and The Gathering.

The ten new songs on Social Fake are filled with explosive hooks, pounding beats and really emotional and sometimes dramatic vocals; like for e.g., in the extraordinary title track, being the opener of this album. Follow ups Never Let Go and Out Of Touch feature formidable melodic instrumental moments, heart breaking and catchy choruses and some really memorable hooks. Critical Mass, part 1-3, forms the heart of the album and here Johnson's vocals, ranging from angry to emotional and sometimes even anthemic, are really top notch and make this track stand out. Newcomer Lynch shows his guitar picking abilities in the song Down as he produces a couple of mean and lean crunching hooks and riffs. Smiling Assassin (nice title by the way..) is a rather laid back and quieter song, leaning towards the pop/rock sound, while Blind Acceptance sounds more metal-like.

So, after an eight-year hiatus Winter In Eden is back with a delightful symphonic rock album, with lots of complexity and diversity; so, check it out, you will not be disappointed!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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