Wilton Said... - The View†

(CD 2006, 34.38, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Carnival(1:00)
  2- Heavy Motion(4:39)
  3- Merry-go-Round(3:37)
  4- Pretty(4:54)
  5- Gender Bender(2:23)
  6- A Family Affair(4:01)
  7- The Empty Sky
         - I. The View(4:42)
         - II. Goodbye(3:28)
         - III. Fallen(5:55)

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The View of Wilton Said... is my first experience with this Canadian five piece rock band. The band consists of Wilton Said (vocals, piano and keyboards), Richard Rizzo (drums), Frank Heisler (bass) and Chris Reid (lead and rhythm guitars). On their website I found out that The View is their third album after Broken (2001) and The Butterfly Plague (2004). You can read as well that the band is influenced by classic rock music made by Kate Bush, David Bowie, Queen, Peter Gabriel and Supertramp and by modern rock bands like A Perfect Circle and Radiohead.

Unfortunately this album doesnít contain long innovative epic pieces. The seven songs last between one and six minutes with a total length of almost 35 minutes. The band has some fine musical ideas and also the lyrics are alright and quite understandable. The best tracks in my opinion are Pretty, the jazzy tune Gender Bender, A Family Affair with good lyrics, and The Empty Sky. The latter is divided into three parts. Itís a rather symphonic piece and I think this oneís for our readers the most interesting track. In general, Wilton Said... plays straightforward rock music, but if you want to listen to 35 minutes of modern rock music The View is a good choice.

†**+ Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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