Wilson Project -
Il Viaggio Da Farsi

(CD 2022, 42:41, Ma.Ra.Cash Records)

The tracks:
  1- Intro(0:49)
  2- Non Pensare Vai(7:07)
  3- Come Mi Vuoi(4:56)
  4- Complice Innocente(4:32)
  5- E' Stato Un Errore(2:54)
  6- Ingannando I Miei Sensi(3:19)
  7- Quando Cerchi Di Respirare(5:02)
  8- Se Solo Avessi Un Anima(3:29)
  9- Un Gioco(5:35)
10- Il Viaggio Da Farsi(5:04)

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There was a lot of great music to experience during the last 2days prog +1 festival in Italy. In addition to the bands on the main stage in Verislate, Franck Carducci and Mary Reynaud played at the Veruno cultural center on Sunday afternoon. Always fun, but they were preceded by Wilson Project, a young Italian progressive rock band. And that turned out to be a big and positive surprise. Great music, excellent instrument control and a singer, Annalisa Ghiazza, with a wonderful and very special voice. Especially when she hits hard!
The four members, who are on average 23 years old, have a solid musical background and are enthusiastically making their way. They already had the opportunity to perform with Giorgio "Fico" Piazza, the bassist and founder of the Premiata Forneria Marconi.
and opened for the New Trolls, one of the most famous Italian progressive rock bands. The band has also won several prizes.
Wilson's project thoroughly studied the work of the great prog bands and you can hear that. But much more important is that they also worked hard on their own music. Now there is Il Viaggio Da Farsi, inspired by the launch of Elon Musk's Falcon Heavy. The album tells the story of a woman who leaves Earth and her loved ones to go to Mars. A tale told in 10 beautiful tracks. All lyrics are in Italian and I prefer to hear that over a singer who has a poor command of English. The compositions have that typically melodic Italian quality. With an excellent keyboardist (Andrea Protopapa), a very melodic bassist (Stefano Rapetti) and a nice solid drummer (Matia Pastorino), there is a foundation for a bright future. What a wonderful debut album the Wilson project has created. A real discovery!

**** Arne van os van den Abeelen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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