White Raven -
The First Breath

(CD 2015, 76:13, Lynx Music LM104CD)

The tracks:
  1- The First Breath(12:42)
  2- Second(2:15)
  3- Abandoned Dreams(3:15)
  4- Be Different(4:53)
  5- Silence(3:32)
  6- Few Paths. One Story(6:26)
  7- In The Deep Dream(2:35)
  8- Eclipse(9:46)
  9- Reasing Dreams(2:00)
10- The Last Journey(4:49)
11- To The Stars(4:51)
12- Who Are You(2:42)
13- Follow Me(4:16)
14- Last But Not Wasted Breath:
         The First Breath - Finale

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Polish musician Piotr Wojciechowski has released under the moniker of White Raven his album The First Breath. On this release he brings you 14 instrumentals (so he says) which can be listened to recalling different emotional states.

The First Breath is mainly a synth based album, which one can relate to Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield and a lot of others. It's not at all original, and you can put it on the soundtrack of a B movie for Syfy channel. On the track Be Different he even tried a Dub Step sequence. Furthermore the use of a Mongolian throat singer on the album won't make a difference either.

I'm sorry, but I turned the CD off after 45 minutes. All the tracks sounded the same and boredom made me press the stop button. On a positive note, what was done was done well. The quality and the sound were good. Piotr knows how to play his instruments and knows how to program them.
Funny detail is, you can switch covers since the booklet is printed in 2 ways. I think my emotional state when listening to this CD wasn't influenced enough.

*+ Erik van Os (edited by Robert James Pashman)

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