White Moth Black Butterfly -

(CD 2017, 37:48, Kscope. Kscope 495)

The tracks:
  1- I: Incarnate(1:52)
  2- Rising Sun(3:29)
  3- Tempest(4:14)
  4- An Ocean Away(2:59)
  5- Symmetry(3:07)
  6- II: Penitence(3:17)
  7- The Sage(3:41)
  8- The Serpent(3:57)
  9- Atone(3:22)
10- III: Deep Earth(3:15)
11- Evelyn(4:43)

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If you like Tesseract and even Skyharbor. Then you might be in for a nice surprise. Daniel Tompkins takes care of the vocals in White Moth Black Butterfly. He is high ranked in my list of top singers. A busy man, when you google his name you'll find many projects and bands that he's involved in. His clean voice is very versatile, and I'm charmed by his sound. He is flanked by another beautiful voice, Jordan Bethany. Together they lift this music to another level.

Don't expect heavy guitar riffs that are tuned in the lower key. There is no djent on this album. I can describe this sometimes mysterious new age trip hop with hints of Eastern Asian music as dreamy, when you're “in” the music you'll find yourself floating through serene valleys with gently rippling streams over grassy meadows. I won't compare it with other bands, you'll have to listen to it yourself based on the vague description I gave a few sentences ago.

Does it tickle your senses? Listen to it then, let yourself be enchanted, you won't be disappointed.

***** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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