When Mary - 7Summers7Winters

(CD 2013, 33:21, WhenMaryRecords)

The tracks:
  1- Waiting On The World(2:41)
  2- Everlasting Colours(5:14)
  3- Soulless Soulmates(6:01)
  4- Annie's Song(4:10)
  5- Falling Tears(5:43)
  6- Are You Really Sleeping ?(5:33)
  7- 7Summers7Winters(3:59)


Trude Eidtang, the former vocalist of the Norwegian band White Willow, now releases her first solo EP from her new project called When Mary. In the accompanying information it says that When Mary mix art-pop and trip hop with elements of symphonic rock. Trude Eidtang finds her inspiration in the eighties and nineties with artists like Sade, Peter Gabriel, Eurythmics and Kate Bush. For me the seven songs on 7Summers7Winters are unfortunately all boring, dull and long-winded. The tempo of all seven songs is quite similar: ballad-like and due to the flute in a couple of songs too folky for my ears. I really hate covers so to me the most horrible song is the John Denver cover Annie's Song. The title of the sixth track is Are You Really Sleeping?, which is a very appropriate question here as I really fell asleep while listening to this utterly boring album...

*+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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