Wedingoth -
Five Stars Above

(CD 2023, 59:10, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Dear Universe(4:10)
  2- Masterpiece Of Life(8:57)
  3- Dear Man On Earth(2:36)
  4- Time(5:36)
  5- I Don't Care(5:55)
  6- Cross The Mirror(6:45)
  7- My Own Sacrifice(15:30)
  8- Love(5:07)


Wedingoth is a French progressive rock/metal band who released their debut album Candlelight in 2009. The new album, their fourth one, is called Five Stars Above and this one was released in the beginning of this year. Wedingoth consists of Steeven Segarra (guitars and keyboards), Celine Nephthys (vocals), Manon Fortin (bass guitar) and Stephane Rochas on drums.

Five Stars Above is actually a concept album with each song flowing into each other without a pause. The sound of Wedingoth is definitely in the style of Pink Floyd and progressive with the beautiful and emotional vocals of Celine Nephthys at the helm. Dear Universe opens this beauty of an album with musical soundscapes, a mix of acoustic and electric guitars and that awesome voice! Follow up Masterpiece Of Life, one of the longest tracks of the album, kicks off with a great instrumental overture featuring amazing riffs and hooks, followed by mindboggling guitar solos by Steeven Segarra; for sure a highlight of this album! Time opens with piano and violins and Celine's voice really sounds like Sharon den Adel here, crystal clear and emotional; indeed, at the 1:50 mark the guitar riff comes crashing in as well as lots of huge orchestration, making Time really bombastic. I Don't Care starts rather heavy with a monstrous guitar riff before it evolves into a rather “catchy” melodic metal song. Cross The Mirror opens with a huge bass guitar riff and pounding drums and this song is full of rhythm and the keyboard and guitar solos are again a delight. My Own Sacrifice, the longest song (15:30) is the epic of Wedingoth featuring all that makes this band and this album special - although maybe not always very original - namely: great singing, excellent guitar soloing, breath-taking melodies and lots of atmosphere.

Five Stars Above is an excellent progressive, symphonic metal album that does not disappoint for one bloody second as Wedingoth is really a very positive revelation for me. So, check it out, listening tip : Masterpiece Of Life!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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