Wave - Dream

(CD 2020, 48:06, Lynx Music LM178CDDG)

The tracks:
  1- Pavement Reefs(6:46)
  2- See-through Shape(4:48)
  3- Night Wishes(7:44)
  4- Dark(5:48)
  5- So Cold(7:06)
  6- Hyper(8:46)
  7- Dream(7:15)

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Wave is a typical Polish prog rock band hence their music is full of melancholy, dark spheres and lots of emotions. Musically I would describe the sound of Wave as alternative rock with elements of psychedelic rock and progressive rock and so maybe fans of Riverside and Xanadu might be interested in this third album by Wave. On this album the band consists of Marcin Wrona (guitar, vocal), Grzesiek Opałko (guitar), Artur Ramiączek (drums, percussion), Wojtek Lisowicz (grand piano, keyboard, harmonica) and Wiktor Moderau (bass gitar, theremin). As a special guest Antonina Gorzelak can be heard on backing vocals and violin.

Dream is a concept album featuring seven rather long tracks which in my humble opinion do not really come to life as the music of Wave is rather difficult to absorb as it is not really straightforward rock music. Take for instance the title track or a song called Dark, which is, again in my humble opinion, rather boring as almost nothing musically interesting happens here....The vocals are most of the time a sort of whispering and the diversity in the songs is really hard to find. Hyper, the longest song, starts with a way too long very quiet intro before finally you can “enjoy” some guitars and drums.

Sadly I come to the conclusion that Wave is not my cup of tea but then again for fans of Polish prog this might be an interesting album, who knows?

** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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