The Watch - Planet Earth?

(CD 2010, 45:01, Pick Up/Lizard)

The tracks:
  1- Welcome to your Life(06:05)
  2- Something Wrong(07:41)
  3- Earth(05:45)
  4- All the Lights in Town(08:09)
  5- The World Inside(05:50)
  6- New Normal(03:34)
  7- Tourist Trap(07:22)

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From the very first second on this new The Watch album entitled Planet Earth? we are treated to a sound that is obviously inspired by early Genesis (especially the 70-73 era), as The Watch did on previous albums. This time it sounds like an ultimate tribute to the legendary and unsurpassed early Genesis sound: Hammond and Mellotron waves in the vein of Tony Banks, very Peter Gabriel esque vocals, the use of twanging acoustic guitars, the flute playing and a very Steve Hackett -like guitar sound. Even the way the songs are arranged, comes mighty close to early Genesis. But this doesn’t keep The Watch from making wonderful symphonic rock, especially the moments in which Hammond and Mellotron are blended and moving electric guitar is supported by lush violin – and choir-Mellotron (like in the final parts of Something Wrong and The World Inside, goose bumps!). The only track that slightly differs from the obvious early Genesis sound is the final composition Tourist Trap, here it’s early IQ with a Mike Holmes guitar sound. The conclusion is great, featuring majestic violin-Mellotron and a delicate synthesizer solo (this instrument was not used  by Banks  until Selling England By The Pound in 1974).

To me, this new The Watch album is their most convincing and mature effort. But I have one suggestion to the band: please change from English to Italian vocals, it will give the music an extra dimension, a bit more emotional undertone, just listen to other fine early Genesis inspired fellow Italian band Sensitiva Immagine with their beautiful CD E Tutto Comincio Cosi.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Melody Oakley)

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