Walfad - Ab Ovo

(CD 2013, 48:04, Lynx Music LM84CD)

The tracks:
  1- Noc Kupaly(5:40)
  2- Giewont(4:15)
  3- Snusmumriken(5:36)
  4- Megi(4:09)
  5- Moj Kosmos Nie Zyje(6:48)
  6- Pociagi(8:25)
  7- 2013(8:05)
  8- Kwiaty Na Haldzie(5:14)

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Another unknown band from Poland. That's what I thought when I listened to Walfad's Ab Ovo for the first time. Do they have a chance to become famous in our small progressive rock world? I don't expect so. The music of this five piece band - the band's name is an acronym for We Are Looking For A Drummer- is certainly not bad, but at the same time, it's a pity to conclude that it isn't sensational and innovative either. It's main stream, modern neo- progressive rock in the vein of many Dutch and English bands like Timelock, For Absent Friends, Final Conflict, Grace or Differences. The music of other Polish bands like Abraxas, Collage, Albion and Millenium is much more adventurous and daring. The reason for my regular review is the lack of interesting compositions and catchy choruses. Mainly in the eight up tempo songs, the pace is very relaxing. The moderate voice and the unclear lyrics - I can't understand the Polish language - doesn't make me merry at all. There are just a few highlights on this CD: the bluesy guitar solos in Giewont, Snusmusriken and 2013. One of the best songs is Moj Kosmos Nie Zyje, which has a nice electric guitar solo. The longest song, Pociagi , is played in the spirit and atmosphere of Marillion's Misplaced Childhood. The band members Kacper Kucharski (percussion), Maciej Kucharski (bass), Daniel Rodzon (piano and synths), Maksym Fraczek (guitars) and Wojciech Ciuraj (vocals and guitars) certainly do their best and know how to play their instruments, but unfortunately I'm not very impressed.

*** Cor Smeets (edited by Esther Ladiges)

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