Voyager - Ghost Mile

(CD, 2017, 44:32, Iav Records ‎- IAV1701P)

The tracks:
  1- Ascension(5:22)
  2- Misery Is Only Company(5:02)
  3- Lifeline(4:45)
  4- The Fragile Serene(4:56)
  5- To the Riverside(2:10)
  6- Ghost Mile(4:19)
  7- What a Wonderful Day(3:13)
  8- Disconnected(4:53)
  9- This Gentle Earth (1981)(3:28)
10- As the City Takes the Night(6:26)

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So I thought: “Let's buy an album from an Australian band that made its name in the prog metal scene.” (Or maybe Djent) Crowd Funding is becoming more popular is to finance an album The first time I donated to a crowdfund was Marrilion's pledge to finance their North-American tour in 1997. That worked out great.

Voyager succeeded and delivered Ghost Mile, their 6th album.
As I wandered through some earlier material I can say they have evolved to a more stable sound. Maybe even a bit commercial. The typical Aussie accent of singer (and keyboardist) Danny Estrin is very appealing to me and sounds great. Lucky enough it's clear. Although, sometimes he's tempted to let a tiny growl go.
The transparent production sounds sparkling. The subtle use of the synths whirl through the heavy guitar and bass riffs. A typical thing of this band is that most of the tracks start with a keyboard based intro. Not only on this album but it's a thing that's striking on older albums too. At first I thought it's annoying, but later on I softened my opinion and it may be it is the band's signature?
Most of the album is rather heavy, but listenable. The title track Ghost Mile has a mid-section that goes too far though. It's a thick mess, too many instruments at the same time making too much noise. Some of my friends accuse me of being stuck in the eighties. I'm not ashamed for that. This era had a major influence on me. Maybe that's the reason some tracks like What A Wonderful Day charm me.

If you are not into (prog)metal, maybe this one is still worth giving a listen.
A powerful album that shows that bands can evolve. Keep on evolving “Mates”.

The question that burns on my tongue... Does it Djent? I think it does.

**** Erik van Os

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