The Voids Last Stand -
A Sun By Rising Set

(CD 2009, 50:50, ??)

The tracks:
  1- Mother Sun And The Other Sun)(25:32)
  2- Under The Ardent Sun(25:17)

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The Voids Last Stand is a German progressive rock band from Aachen consisting of four guys in their mid-twenties. From 2005 till 2007 the songwriter duo Jonas Wingens (vocals, guitar) and Geoffrey Blaeske (guitar) played together in The Void. Soon after The Void quit they asked a friendly drummer Ra Ray Dratwa to participate in their new and experimental musical journey of The Voids Last Stand. The band recorded their debut album A Sun By Rising Set in the summer of 2009. The band regard themselves as followers of the tracks of classic progressive bands like Van der Graaf Generator, Nektar, Gentle Giant as well as more contemporary bands like The Mars Volta, Sieges Even and High Wheel.

Listening to A Sun By Rising Set was not an easy thing to do. The album contains only two long tracks divided into several parts. The music is very hectic, turbulent and chaotic. I missed any structure in the songs and I was permanently confronted with a melting pot of ideas, but without catchy tunes or rhythms. The two songs lack head and tail. Another source of irritation is Jonas Wingenís voice which changes several times into a shouting and screaming opera singer during the songs of David Byrne (Talking Heads). The vocals of the other band members are even worse. The last track ends suddenly with three minutes of silence followed by a hidden track that you Ďmissí if you canít wait until the end, but I miss the clue of this musical joke. Fortunately, I still have better CDís to review rather than this disturbing uproar.††

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