The Vital Might - Red Planet

(CD 2009, 48.01, 10t Records)

The tracks:
  1- Phantom Spaceman(3:44)
  2- The Truth(2:56)
  3- City(3:44)
  4- Trouble(3:47)
  5- Chime(4:34)
  6- Saturday(5:35)
  7- Seasons(1:03)
  8- 5 O’Clock(5:22)
  9- Superstitious Wish(4:07)
10- The Greatest Man(7:48)
11- Sleeping Beauty(4:37)

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Red Planet is the second album of The Vital Might, an American rock band from Boston. This three-piece band consists of Rick Gauthier on bass guitar and vocals, Andy Milk on guitar and vocals and Evan Kraker who’s playing drums and sings as well. They describe their music as good old-fashioned songwriting and a mixture of pop, rock, metal, funk, prog and psychedelic breaks. You can compare their music to the sound of popular bands as Radiohead, The Mars Volta and A Perfect Circle. In my opinion, you have to listen to this album several times in order to get the real feeling of all the ideas behind the individual songs. Red Planet has at least eight powerful tracks that are good examples of the current rock scene. The best songs are City, Saturday, 5 O’Clock, with hypnotic echoing guitars, and Sleeping Beauty. So, if you want something new and modern in your catalogue, try this one.                  

***  Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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