Violent Attitude If Noticed (V.A.I.N.) -
Ourselves And Otherwise

(CD 2017, 46:53, Progressive Gears. VN0001)

The tracks:
  1- Time Waster(5:08)
  2- Useless(6:18)
  3- Redemption(3:51)
  4- White, Yellow, Red(10:32)
  5- The Tower(8:54)
  6- Ever-Ticking Clock(6:53)
  7- Ground Zero(5:16)

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From Brazil the fourth release of this trio was quite a listen. These guys mash up various styles of music to put in the gathering box of prog rock. If your taste is influenced by eighties music like Depeche Mode (Useless is a DM cover) and Tears For Fears it'll tickle your senses.
I did not listen to their previous material, so I went in clean.
The first three tracks indeed lead you back into that typical new wave style feeling. You can relate to so many bands from that era, and it's welcoming to hear so much influences that are honoured by this band. I don't know if that is their intention, but it gives me that feeling when listening to this album. +10 minute White, Yellow, Red seems to continue in this fashion but then Pink Floyd (Great Gig In The Sky) kicks in. Great voice from Cléo. To be followed by guitar dominated prog, and yes... Porcupine Tree jumps in my mind.
Another quite long song follows. To keep the prog spirit alive, The Tower reminds me of Comedy Of Errors mostly due to the sound of singer Will Geraldo. As Ever-Ticking Clock kicks in quite heavy with fat guitars and a typical New Wave vocal it evolves into a proggier mid-section. A hint of Fields Of The Nephilim added to this track makes it sound different from the others. An instrumental closing with Ground Zero makes it complete, nice 'n quiet and electronic.

So, I mentioned some big names in this review. This album hasn't got the excellence of these big names, but it's definitely worth listening.

**** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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