Vibravoid -
Burg Herzberg Festival 2011

(CD 2011; 76:59; Herzberg Verlag V-HB-39)

The tracks:
  1- Save My Soul(6:49)
  2- She Is Just 13(3:27)
  3- What You Want(15:52)
  4- No Silver Bird(3:28)
  5- Seefeel(3:28)
  6- Ballspeaker(16:17)
  7- You Keep On Falling(6:23)
  8- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun(21:10)

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What better way to leave the old year and bring in the new year than on the tones of spacerock? What better band to make this happen than Vibravoid? This German heavy spacerock collective has listened way too much to Hawkwind in their childhood. Then again, maybe we should give all our children a course in this type of music, because than we can expect even more nice albums as Burg Herzberg Festival 2011. What we are looking for to get into a deep trance are long jams, which makes it possible for us to ignore all the outside noises, especially the end-of-the-year racket of fireworks. Well, Vibravoid gives plenty of jams: sixteen minutes in What You Want, another sixteen minutes in Ballspeaker, and the highlight of this release, the twenty-one minutes of Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. I never knew these guys listened to Pink Floyd, but it's a good thing they did. With this, Burg Herzberg Festival 2011 is a much better release than the Burg Herzberg Festival 2010 double-CD which mainly contained a lot of noise. So, no more champagne or doughnut balls for me! I'll take a healthy dose of Vibravoid!

***André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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