Vendetta - World Under Fire

(CD 2012, 44:10, Lion Music LMC319)

The tracks:
  1- Convergence(0:34)
  2- Halo In Black(4:01)
  3- Machtpolitik(4:25)
  4- Veil Of Empathy(4:45)
  5- Blast Radius(5:25)
  6- Lords Of Chaos(4:36)
  7- Fragmented Reality(4:16)
  8- The Ghost Inside(5:02)
  9- All Your Setting Suns(7:10)
10- We Are Legion(3:56)

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Vendetta - what an original name by the way - is a British heavy metal band from Newcastle upon Tyne consisting of Edward Box (guitar, vocals), Pete Thompson (guitar), Gary Foalle (bass) and Lee Lamb (drums). I wonder what devotees of progressive rock music would think of this album. It's real classic heavy metal and the ten new songs are mostly head banging stuff filled with pounding drums, blistering guitar solos, pumping bass work and passionate and emotional vocals. World Under Fire is the third album of Vendetta and of course it's their best work to date... The best songs are without doubt All Your Setting Suns - a rather complex seven-minute piece - and Lords Of Chaos, which is a real head banging gem. Watch out for those necks! If you like traditional heavy metal then you should check out this album and play it at maximum volume.

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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