Vanish -
The Insanity Abstract

(CD 2017, 61:11, Soul Food Fast Ball FB17C2234)

The tracks:
  1- The Insanity Abstract(2:00)
  2- The Pale King(3:51)
  3- Follow(3:36)
  4- Make-Believe (Slipstream Part 1)(5:18)
  5- Lilith Cries(6:37)
  6- Frame By Frame (Slipstream Part 2)(4:46)
  7- Unforgivable Blackness(5:17)
  8- We Become What We Are(6:00)
  9- Disbelief (Slipstream Part 3)(4:57)
10- That Way Madness Lies(4:17)
11- Somewhere Along The Line(4:07)
12- When The Mind Bursts(10:07)

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Vanish is a German power metal band with hunches of progressive (rock) and alternative metal. This band with the peculiar name, for the band name equals a fairly famous cleaning product, is releasing their third full album; The Insanity Abstract in 2017. After their debut; Separated From Today in 2006 and a hiatus until the successor Come To Wither, the band became the form it has now; vocalist and keyboard player Bastian Rose, both guitarists Tommy Rösch and Philipp Schönle, bass player Daniele Dei and drummer Ralf Nopper.

The title track; The Insanity Abstract opens as an instrumental, atmospheric part, that can be seen as an interlude for the next track on the album. And it's not that I don't like those nice musical parts that lead to the real openings track, it's just becoming more of a habit nowadays. I guess those parts are recorded to function as the interlude when bands prepare to start their live shows, but sometimes those “first” tracks are miles away from the music that follows. Exactly what The Insanity Abstract is about, nevertheless the following The Pale King explodes in your face, an incredible powerful song with solid heavy riffs, a very intense and capable vocalist and decent solos. The rhythm section is very stable and the keyboards are nicely dosed underneath the music. Follow, Unforgivable Blackness, That Way Madness Lies and Somewhere Along The Line are songs that have the same intensity as the previously mentioned; solid, powerful and wonderful live tracks; I am sure. The trilogy; Slipstream is more melodic and surely for the progressive metal fans, more appealing that the power metal tracks that I mentioned before. Although I personally think the balance between power metal, progressive metal and the ballad/epic tracks like Lilith Cries and We Become What We Are is nicely divided. Sometimes the influence of “German” power metal is quite obvious, Avantasia, Blind Guardian. Even though Vanish borrowed some stuff from other bands, the outcome is a rock solid album. The final track When The Mind Bursts is a true power metal epic, where keyboards are perfectly used to create an nice atmosphere and the vocals reach a fine dramatic high. And I just adore the Helloween referring twin guitars.

As I wrote, The Insanity Abstract is a rock solid album and I know the band will shine even more, when they take their music to the stage. This is going to be the real treat .

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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