Van Tomme -
Vegir (feat. Tony Levin)

(CD 2018, 74:12, Moonjune Records ‎- MJR090)

The tracks:
  1- Double Down(7:36)
  2- Equal Minds(10:19)
  3- Sizzurp(10:45)
  4- Playing Chess With Barney Rubble(9:04)
  5- The Self Licking Ice-cream Cone(13:08)
  6- Plutocracy(4:38)
  7- Agent Orange(9:46)
  8- Emmetropia(9:00)
  9- Odin's Wig(1:45)


I'm always happy to see big names being featured on albums of a lesser known artist. Although it seems to happen more often the last years. This time the role is reserved for Tony Levin. One of the great bass players in prog history. Besides plenty of solo projects this man earned his medals with King Crimson, Peter Gabriel and Stick Men to name a few.
And now he joined up with bandcamp artist Dominique van Tomme. A talented keyboard player who produced a lot of music and played as a session musician in various projects mainly in Belgium.
Influenced mainly by Jazz music and a meeting with Mr. Levin resulted in this collaboration which can be seen as quite obvious. They gathered with some other befriended musicians and worked out this album in a studio in Hoboken (BE)
The result is this Jazzy album that shows besides the expertise of Mr. Levin, Van Tomme and friends are skilled musicians too. The high quality of Jazz (fusion, rock) is quite refreshing and sometimes hits the experimental side of music. Although this style of music is not quite “my cup of tea”, I can appreciate it. It is not too freaky as much Jazz orientated music tends to be. If you look at the song titles below, you can guess they enjoyed their selves making this album. And I'm quite sure you can hear that in the nice and long 9 instrumental tracks. I'm not going to compare them with other bands, mainly because I lack the knowledge of “the Jazz”. I think this album will be a “one off” and if you're in to Jazz and its variants grab it because I'm sure it'll be worth your while.

**** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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