Uriah Heep -
...Very 'Eavy, ...Very 'Umble Deluxe Edition

(2CD 2016, 40:33/ 64:43, BMG)

The tracks:
CD 1
  1- Gypsy(6:27)
  2- Walking In Your Shadow(4:30)
  3- Come Away Melinda(3:46)
  4- Lucy Blues(5:10)
  5- Dreammare(4:37)
  6- Real Turned On(3:37)
  7- I'll Keep On Trying(5:25)
  8- Wake Up (set your sights)(6:22)
CD 2
  1- Gypsy(7:00)
  2- Real Turned On(3:46)
  3- Dreammare(5:12)
  4- Come Away Melinda(4:01)
  5- Born In A Trunk(4:55)
  6- Wake Up (Set Your Sights)(6:55)
  7- I'll Keep On Trying(5:32)
  8- Walking In Your Shadow(5:09)
  9- Lucy Blues(5:20)
10- Born In A Trunk (instrumental version)(4:47)
11- Magic Lantern(7:57)
12- Bird Of Prey ( US alternate mix)(4:08)

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This is a Deluxe Edition of the debut album of English hard rockers Uriah Heep, called ...Very 'Eavy,... Very 'Umble. CD 1 features the original (remastered 2016) album as it was released in 1970; CD 2 is an alternative version of the band's debut and all tracks on that edition are previously unreleased. Uriah Heep was not a band that was very popular by the press, in fact some of the music critics actually “hated” the band. But the fans were and are still very enthusiastic about Uriah Heep and so the band is still going strong, even after 46 years!!
The first five albums are probably the best Heep albums and their spectacular live album called Uriah Heep Live 1973 is still one of the best live double albums ever!

Uriah Heep's debut album is an underrated album as it contains two classic tracks that belong to their best songs in their long spanning career. Gypsy, the opener of this album, is of course one of the best known Heep songs ever and the opening organ and guitar riff are so familiar and spectacular that Gypsy has been on Heep's set list right from the start in the seventies until now. Another classic great Heep song on their debut album is the last track called Wake Up (Set Your Sights) which shines because of the wonderful melody and the great vocal performance by David Byron, their first and best singer ever.

CD2 features the “same” eight songs of the original album but in a slightly alternative way, plus four bonus tracks. Born In A Trunk, a rather dark prog rock song, Magic Lantern, an almost 8 minute up tempo prog rock song composed by guitarist Mick Box and singer Byron, Bird Of Prey (an US alternate nix) and an instrumental version of Born In A Trunk.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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