Uriah Heep -
Look At Yourself

(2CD 2017/ 1971, 41:23/ 76:22, BMG)

The tracks:
CD 1:
  1- Look At Yourself(5:09)
  2- I Wanna Be Free(4:00)
  3- July Morning(10:32)
  4- Tears In My Eyes(5:01)
  5- Shadows Of Grief(8:39)
  6- What Should Be Done(4:15)
  7- Love Machine(3:37)
  1- I Wanna Be Free(4:19)
  2- Tears In My Eyes(5:55)
  3- What Should Be Done(4:35)
  4- Shadows Of Grief(9:33)
  5- Look At Yourself(5:14)
  6- July Morning(11:18)
  7- Why Fourteen Minutes(14:16)
  8- Love Machine(3:55)
  9- What's Within My Heart(5:34)
10- July Morning(11:28)
11- Look At Yourself(3:18)

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The third album of British Uriah Heep called Look At Yourself is a seventies rock masterpiece with a couple of classic Heep tracks.

The album opens with the more than excellent title track which fuses heavy metal with progressive rock in a stunning way. Another classic Heep song is Tears In My Eyes, an up tempo rock track with southern styled slide guitar par excellence. But of course the highlight of the album is the longest and most well-known track called July Morning, as this song is the perfect representation of the classic Heep sound; David Byron sings top notch and the organ riff and guitar solo are truly amazing. By the way Manfred Mann plays a bit of Mini Moog on July Morning..... Shadows Of Grief, also a long track, is very dark and What Should Be Done can almost be seen as a jazz/blues crossover track. Look At Yourself is a classic Heep album and a must for the fans.

This remastered edition also features a bonus CD with 11 tracks of previously unreleased material with alternative versions of July Morning, Look At Yourself and the other songs from the album. The songs Why Fourteen Minutes and What's Within My Heart (also on the remastered version of 1996) are “real” bonus tracks.
Look At Yourself remastered also features a very nice booklet with lots of information and “interviews” with guitarist Mick Box and keyboard player Ken Hensley, so: a must have for Heep fans.

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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