Udo Lang - Private Galaxy

(CD 2019, 53:12, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Biggest Loser(5:37)
  2- Fehmarn(2:48)
  3- Have You Seen The Old Man(4:52)
  4- Moonlight(3:20)
  5- Counting By The Rule(4:23)
  6- Happy New Year(0:59)
  7- Endless(3:58)
  8- Into The Garbage(1:33)
  9- Something´s Going Wrong(5:24)
10- 4 chords(3:57)
11- Volcano(1:38)
12- Hell Is Above(4:15)
13- Waterfall(4:05)
14- Talking To A Stranger(4:23)
15- Ela(1:38)


In the late eighties and nineties, the neo progressive rock scene saw many bands that were inspired by Marillion. Most of them had a Fish sound-alike or perhaps better clone fronting the band. One of those bands was the German band Chandelier, who had their own very German sounding Fish fronting. Chandelier lasted three albums although I think they have reunited, for they played Night Of The Prog earlier this year. Nevertheless, during the time off, Chandelier guitarist Udo Lang kept on writing and recording material.

Like the album title refers to; Private Galaxy are compositions Udo recorded mainly for himself, as private recordings. Musically some of the songs hold on to Chandelier. But also, alternative elements and even humoristic parts; Have You Seen The Old Man are embedded. Private Galaxy holds a combination of instrumental compositions, which all are in favour of Udo's varied guitar playing and song orientated vocal driven progressive rock tracks. Listening to the album, I like the guitar parts and Udo shows (some) Germans fancy a nice kind of humour. But for me Udo is not a vocalist. Due to the fact, this album is personal, I understand why he played and recorded everything on the album.

Private Galaxy remains a bunch of musical thoughts and ideas. Mainly recorded for fun, which I think is a good thing. Private Galaxy seems to be an open invitation to other musicians, showing his song writing and capabilities as a guitarist.

The album is downloadable on Udo Lang's Bandcamp page as “Name You Price”.

*** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Dave Smith)

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