TRK Project - Odyssey 9999

(CD 2023, 47:49, Lynx Music LM231 CD-DG)

The tracks:
  1- Twelve Spaceships(7:20)
  2- Penelope(4:40)
  3- Cyclops Cave(5:30)
  4- The Curse Of Circe(6:10)
  5- The Killing Songs Of Sirens(6:50)
  6- Calypso Nymph(5:15)
  7- Ithaca(5:00)
  8- Odysseus(7:04)

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The Polish TRK- Ryszard Kramarski Project - were founded by multi-instrumentalist (keyboards, acoustic & electric guitars) Ryszard Kramarski (Millenium) and the new studio album is called Odyssey 9999, a concept album based on and inspired by the classic book The Odyssey by Homer. The only difference compared to the original Odyssey is that the story of Kramarski was moved to the future of the year 9999. Kramarski was assisted on this album by Ania Batko (Albion/Hipgnosis) on vocals, Łukasz Gałęziowski (ex-Millenium) on vocals, Marek Smelkowski (ex-Millenium) on vocals and very special guest Stuart Nicholson from the notorious neo prog band Galahad. Nicholson's beautiful, emotional voice can be heard on two tracks, namely the opening track Twelve Spaceships and the last song of the album called Odysseus. These two songs are vocally definitely the highlights of the album, especially Twelve Spaceships which features a very addictive, melodic chorus and a beautiful Pink Floyd-like guitar solo by Marcin Kruczek. By the way, all the guitar solos on this album are really impressive and very melodic indeed, giving this album a wonderful neo prog, Floydian atmosphere. Take for instance the song Penelope, which is really a 100% pure neo prog rock track filled with outstanding melodies, keys galore, fine guitar solos and more than excellent vocals by Ania Batko. Cyclops Cave features an extremely dramatic, melodic chorus which you cannot get out of your head for a couple of days, while guitar picker Piotr Plonka plays a great solo in the track about the wailing sirens that lure ships onto the rocks.....

Odyssey 9999 is a great album which has absolutely no fillers; so a very recommendable melodic neo prog album which you can listen to over and over again without getting bored. Listening tip: Twelve Spaceships.

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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