Trifecta - The New Normal

(CD 2024, 55:45, Kscope Music)

The tracks:
  1- Beck And Call(2:37)
  2- Dot Are You Wooing(0:53)
  3- Stroboscopic Fennel(2:24)
  4- Just Feel It Karen(3:55)
  5- Sibling Rivalry(4:00)
  6- Ornamental Lettuce(2:17)
  7- Daddy Long Legs(4:12)
  8- What Are You Doing(0:53)
  9- Stupid Pop Song(3:33)
10- Crime Spree(3:08)
11- Bach Stabber(2:07)
12- Kleptocrat(2:35)
13- Once Around The Sun With You(3:54)
14- Chinese Fire Drill(3:27)
15- Ouch! My OCD(1:16)
16- Wake Up Call(3:46)
17- Wacky Tobaccy(3:28)
18- Canary In A Five And Dime(3:56)
19- On The Spectrum(3:24)

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The New Normal is the second album of Trifecta. Trifecta was founded during Steven Wilson's last touring years and consists of band members Nick Beggs (vocals, bass guitar, Chapman stick, double bass), Adam Holzman (piano, Hammond and synthesizers) and drummer Craig Blundell. After sound checks with Wilson they often continued to improvise and were given the name Jazzclub by the roadies. Many things the men played at that time were released on the first album Fragments. The three are absolute giants in their field and they show that again on The New Normal.

Now that they are no longer in a band together, there was no obstacle to continue. The New Normal was recorded in the home studios of the gentlemen in New York and Bedford and Leighton Buzzard (Eng) and contains 19 short (2 to 4 minutes) tracks. The class of the men is once again fully audible and they are not hindered by a lack of (English) humour. Nick Beggs is certainly a special case, but don't underestimate the other two.

This album goes in all directions. From jazz in Wacky Tobaccy to crazy stories like in Ouch! My OCD to Stupid Pop Song, a poppy song indeed.
There are guest roles for Alex Lifeson (Rush) on Once Around The Sun With You and Theo Travis (Soft Machine) on Daddy Long Legs. The titles of the songs are a treat in themselves: Stroboscopic Fennel, Ornamental Lettuce, Bach Stabber (very beautiful) and Canary In A Five And Dime are a few examples.

Sit back and let this album wash over you. If this is the new normal, then that's not so bad!

**** Arne van Os van den Abeelen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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